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TBM Predicts 2014 MLS Regular Season: Week 10 - Revolution vs. Sounders

Our vaunted prediction system hasn't picked a game correctly in a month and FIFA14's overall record dipped below .500 two weeks ago. It might not be the result fans are looking for, but it's one many will be okay with.

I really enjoyed this weeks simulation. There were a lot of subtle things that I enjoyed that don't really show up in the highlights or box scores. And a lot of them accurately portray the New England Revolution and Seattle Sounders and what they do in real life.

Lee Nguyen and Andy Dorman are tireless workers in the midfield, Darrius Barnes is just a rock at right back and Patrick Mullins worked hard with his back to goal even though you don't see it.

And Seattle's game plan is also accurate at times, building through the back, always changing the point of attack and getting crosses and set pieces into dangerous areas. Normally I look at a 0-0 draw and curse because I have no highlights besides turnovers in the midfield and hopeful crosses to the keeper.


This time, I think it's a fair result for the simulation and it would be a fair result today as well. Both teams are in form and playing well. The Revs could seem content to sit back and wait for opportunities, like Daigo Kobayashi's 39th minute steal and shot (which I still can't believe he missed but virtual Stephen Frei closed down well) and Seattle wants to be aggressive and get up the field quickly.

Both teams generated dangerous moments in their own styles. Seattle is a little more aggressive and got the ball into the area more but the Revs generated more quality chances especially late in the game, perhaps when Seattle could be sitting back and playing for the draw.


As much as I think a draw would be a fair result, I think it's hard to imagine neither side scoring a goal. Clint Dempsey has been scoring on a regular basis and if Obafemi Martins isn't scoring he is setting up his teammates as a playmaker.

The number one reason this simulation will be wrong however has to do with the midfield. Virtual Jay Heaps subbed on Scott Caldwell for Kobayashi at halftime, and only a few minutes in, Caldwell went beast mode on Osvaldo Alonso. Twice. Not stealing the ball away while he's dribbling, I mean out right boxed him off the ball with his powerful 5-foot-9 frame.

So yeah, I think that's a good reason to say this simulation won't work. Unless Scotty actually does that today, at which point I'm taking full credit.