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Former Revs Midfielder Clyde Simms in Need of a Kidney Transplant

Our sad regards go out to Clyde Simms who we learned today is awaiting a kidney transplant.


Sad news today as it became public knowledge that former New England Revolution midfielder, Clyde Simms, is in need of a kidney transplant. Simms, who had just recently retired from professional soccer after a storied 9-year MLS career, has had a worsening kidney disease for several years that has unfortunately reached a new level where he is now in need a kidney donor. Finding a donor typically takes about four years and it's understood that Simms does not have that much time to prolong the dialysis process.

We here at The Bent Musket wanted to pass on the word and do our part to spread the message so that we can help Simms find a donor as soon as possible. The Revolution have a website where you can learn more about how you can help, and you can use the hashtag #OurFriendClyde on twitter to send words of support and encouragement. In addition, please feel free to email with your support as well.

On behalf of The Bent Musket, we want to wish Clyde the best of luck and let him know that our thoughts are very much with him.