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TBM Predicts MLS Regular Season - Week 4 - Revolution at Quakes

Somehow my XBOX has gotten two of these predictions stone cold correct in as many weeks...I hope it's dead on this week too.

(Production Note: There aren't any graphics for the recap section because the software crashed and didn't save all of them.)

So, if you've watched the video above, there's not much more for me to say. The prediction is a 1-0 win for the New England Revolution over the San Jose Earthquakes. Yes, my XBOX is on a two-game perfect streak and I certainly hope that it's three-in-a-row. More on that in a bit.


REVS (4-1-4-1) - Shuttleworth; Farrell, Soares (+2), Goncalves, Tierney (+2); Dorman (+7); Sene, Nguyen, Kobayashi, Fagundez, Bunbury

QUAKES (4-4-2) - Busch (-3); Cato, Bernardez (-2), Goodson (-2), Francis; Harris (-3), Pierazzi, Cronin (-3) Salinas, Wondolowski, Lenhart (-3)


Because the Revolution's defense did a good job clogging up the center and limiting cross and shots. Shuttleworth was credited with 4 saves in this game but most of those were on crosses and should be labeled as "catches" or whatever that old FIFA stat was. By my count, San Jose didn't actually have a true shot on goal but they did have some chances, especially late during "Goonie Magic" time.

The Revs goal was actually strange, I'll admit I don't remember the last time I've seen a penalty in the box between two players going up for an aerial challenge, let alone on the goalkeeper. But Bunbury put his penalty in a decent enough spot in the simulation and even though Busch guessed correctly it was high enough where he couldn't get a hand/foot on the ball to keep it out.


Because for long stretches San Jose dominated the possession and should have had more chances, especially in the first half. More than half of the Revs possessions in the game end with a Quakes player stealing the ball right off of their feet. And San Jose out-muscled the Revs in the midfield a lot, so often Fagundez, Nguyen or later as a substitute, Caldwell will just get muscled off the ball and give up possession in the center of the field. And the Revs don't like to cross either, especially virtual Andrew Farrell.

The other thing that bothers me is I don't think that Wondolowski or Lenhart got a decent chance between them on goal. Most of the opportunities came from the midfielders Salinas and Pierazzi. While I think the Revs defense can do well against the two strikers, I doubt that they'll shut down those two players entirely. But if that does happen then you would think the Revs would come out of the game with at least a point.