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Revolution 0, Phildelphia 1 - 2014 MLS Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution have started 2014 on a two-game road losing streak, but thankfully, there are a few positives to take from their last match in Philadelphia. Nick, Corey and Jake offer up their rankings for last weekend.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Revolution have started 2014 on a two-game road losing streak, but thankfully, there are a few positives to take from their last match in Philadelphia. Nick, Corey and Jake offer up their rankings for last weekend.


Bobby Shuttleworth - Average Rating 4.5 (Nick 5, Corey 4.5, Jake 4)

Nick: Looked uncomfortable and tentative, yet made several outstanding saves that kept the Revs alive. Needs to improve communication and mastery of the box. Corey: Too much parrying, not enough catching. Ready for Brad. Jake: Feeble effort to corral the cross that Le Toux tapped in, poor in the first half coming off his's still the same old for Bobby: Good shot stopper, mediocre keeper. I'll give him the home opener but that's as far as I can go in supporting him. Needs to do something to force me to change my mind this weekend.

Darrius Barnes - Average Rating 6.33 (Nick 7, Corey 6, Jake 6)

Nick: Barnes looked solid throughout. Tracked back well, closed gaps in the back and denied several dangerous crosses. Corey: Maybe not the most ideal fullback, but he gets the job done. He's a defense-first type of player, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Jake: He's the leader in the clubhouse for my Player of the Month, only blemish was losing McInerney on that close range chance in the first.

Andrew Farrell - Average Rating 5.5 (Nick 6, Corey 5.5, Jake 5)

Nick: In his CB debut, Farrell miss-timed nearly every aerial ball--but won them all. Dominant performance in the back, but loses points for his over-aggressive step that resulted in the game-winner. Corey: Looked better than I thought he would in the middle. He needs to work on playing it safer though. Jake: Had a lot of good moments in the center, but his decision to go to ground directly led to the lone Union goal.

A.J. Soares - Average Rating 5.5 (Nick 6, Corey 5.5, Jake 5)

Nick: Commanded the back well and complemented Farrell's debut with strong communication. Would have benefitted from quicker, tidier clearances out of the box. Corey: Good communication throughout the match, which was sorely needed last week in Houston. Jake: He's a solid defender, but two yellow cards in as many games to start the season is worrying.

Chris Tierney - Average Rating 4.67 (Nick 4, Corey 5, Jake 5)

Nick: Quiet match from the Revs "new" skipper. Didn't seem motivated to move up the flank, and service was poorly positioned yet again. Corey: Looks rusty, but his free kick delivery looked a bit better. Jake: Certainly an all-around improvement from last week but nothing spectacular...admittedly his crosses to MacMath seemed more dangerous than his crosses to Tally Hall.

Scott Caldwell - Average Rating 2.5 (Nick 3, Corey 2.5, Jake 2)

Nick: Looked much more physical this time around, but over-ran the play entirely too often. Has yet to regain his polished form from 2013. Corey: As much as I like him, it's time for him to familiarize himself with the bench. Jake: I like Scotty, I really do, but the rest of league has figured out he's not a CDM and he's getting punished out there.

Andy Dorman - Average Rating 4 (Nick 4, Corey 4, Jake 4)

Nick: Dorman was tough over the ball and took up space in the middle, but a slow counter attack spoiled several opportunities. Corey: Looked fine but still not what we need out of that position. Didn't really have any ideas going forward. Jake: He was there in the game, he worked hard...just don't remember anything memorable that he did.

Diego Fagundez - Average Rating 3.67 (Nick 3, Corey 4, Jake 4)

Nick: The Revs playmaker seemed invisible for most of the match. Made an outstanding run that nearly resulted in the equalizer, but played MacMath into a simple save instead. Corey: He's getting more involved for longer stretches during the match, but his movement and vision in the final third is off (along with the rest of his teammates). Needs to put away those golden chances, too. Jake: Last year, he buries that pass from Bunbury for a goal. This year he seems to be in the same funk everyone else is on offense.

Lee Nguyen - Average Rating 6.5 (Nick 7, Corey 6.5, Jake 6)

Nick: Nguyen had to create too much on his own, a reflection of his teammates more than himself. Played a gritty match from the first minute forward. Corey: Had a tough ask being the lone play-making cog. Gave it his best, but his supporting cast didn't really do him any favors. Jake: Everywhere on the field, tremendous work rate, lacked Rowe as his partner in the midfield.

Donnie Smith - Average Rating 2.17 (Nick 2, Corey 2.5, Jake 2)

Nick: Tough match for Donnie. Every time he received the ball, he tried to turn at run at goal. Seemed frustrated throughout. Corey: Lots of hustle but not much else. Uninspired debut from the 2nd-year man. Jake: Donnie Smith is not a left winger/midfielder in MLS, every attack he tried to lead down the left flank died there. Harsh judgement in two appearances in two years but he needs to be in Rochester learning how to play left back so he can help this team down the road.

Teal Bunbury - Average Rating 3.33 (Nick 3, Corey 3, Jake 4)

Nick: Doesn't have the skillset to play as a lone forward. Created two opportunities, but never seemed comfortable receiving the ball with his back to goal. Corey: Bunbury is having a tough time getting involved, and that's mostly due to his lack of service. He needs to be more of a threat instead of disappearing. Jake: Generated what offense he could but needs to improve his hold up play. Every chance develops with him moving to space not him working off someone else.


Jerry Bengtson - Average Rating 2.33 (Nick 3, Corey 2, Jake 2)

Nick: Looked like he actually wanted a goal, but sloppy hold-up and poorly-timed runs doomed his pursuit of the equalizer. Corey: Am I crazy or is Jerry actually trying *not* to score??? Please ship him out of Foxboro soon. He hasn't fit in and it's looking like he never will. Jake: Team is better with him on the field, even if he has nothing to do with it. Two halftime substitutions makes me wonder if a start is in his future...

Daigo Kobayashi - Average Rating 3.83 (Nick 4, Corey 3.5, Jake 4)

Nick: Played a few strong through balls in limited minutes, but much like his teammates, was too slow to counter. Corey: Didn't have the influence on the match that Jay was hoping for. Jake: Tough spot to come in late but even his presence wasn't going to change the offense.

Saer Sene - Average Rating N/A

Nick: By the time Sene entered, the Revs attack had completely fallen apart. Would've like to have seen him start the second half. Corey: Did he even touch the ball? Jake: Revs offense really needs him to start, even if it's for only 60 minutes.