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Revolution Transfers 2014: New England Waives Paolo Delpiccolo, Interviewed Before the Axe Fell

The Revolution surprisingly waived midfielder Paolo Delpiccolo earlier this week. We were planning to profile him, so here are some things he had to say before he left, and what Jay Heaps apparently thought of him before he was let go.

Buried a bit in the aftermath of last weekend's jarring loss was the news that the New England Revolution waived midfielder Paolo Delpiccolo. The move was overlooked by many, but to those of us who pay close-enough attention, it came as a considerable surprise given that the Revs now stand at 27 of a possible 30 players, and he hadn't featured for a single minute of competitive action.

Some observers say he showed well in the 156 minutes he earned in preseason, but most Revolution fans will never know what Delpiccolo might have brought to the table. Generally regarded as a tidy-passing number six, Delpiccolo had the versatility to feature in defense as well, something he did for a bit in preseason. Apparently, those gifts weren't enough to see him maintain his spot on the roster.

Delpiccolo's departure from Montreal, his last stop, was also somewhat puzzling. He never saw the pitch in a competitive match there, either, but some sources have indicated some were baffled as to why he wasn't given a chance. Prior to that, Delpiccolo spent time with the reserves at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Clearly I didn't expect him to be cut, not when there were two open spots on the roster. I was preparing a player profile on him, since he was a relative unknown on the roster. Now, I'll just close this up by giving you the quotes I was working with when I heard about his release.

Paolo (Questions paraphrased, answers transcribed)

How nice is it to have Andrew Farrell on the team?

It makes a big difference. Last year I was in Montreal and I had one of my buddies there, Collen Warner, that I knew from before and now it's Andrew. Not only is Andrew just a great guy and I can live with him, but it makes it easier to fit in with the team because I already knew someone.

Why did you decide to go overseas?

I decided to go over there first just because it's something I wanted to do and maybe it's something I'll do in the future. Right now, I'm just happy to be back here and I'm happy I'm with the Revs.

Has your perception of MLS changed?

It's maybe not the EPL, but if you're not saying that it's a top league then you don't know what you're talking about. The players, the coaches, across the board it's just good. The level is just higher.

Where do you like to play?

For me, I like to play a number 6 or a number 8, mostly a number 6. I like holding back and sitting right in front of that defense and trying to get that ball. But I can sometimes try and play a number 8, kind of box-to-box.

Are you that player that makes the big pass or the big tackle?

I like making the passes, but I'd say breaking up plays is probably one of my main strengths.

Have there been other players that have helped you?

All the guys are great: AJ, Bobby, they're all just great guys. It's a really good locker room.

What's the best piece of advice you've received?

Have fun, really. It's tough because when you come into a new team, it's stressful. If you have fun then it's going to be best for everybody.

What has Jay said he expects from you?

I think he expects from me what he expects from everybody and that's just to go out there every day and give 100% and do whatever he asks to help the team. That's what every player should give and that's what he should want from everybody.

What would you tell the fans, if you could?

All I got to say is, be on the lookout for Salt n' Pepa. Finally reunited, getting comfortable, so you get some videos out there again or something.

What's the preseason been like for you?

It's been going good. Preseason for me has been good, it's been hard, but it's been fun.

Jay Heaps (questions and answers transcribed)

What was the rationale behind signing Paolo?

The rationale behind bringing Paolo DelPiccolo in was [that he was] another player that we scouted in college and thought that he would impact our group well. And he's had a good preseason and he's fighting for minutes, and I think that's a good thing to have when guys are fighting for minutes.

How has Paolo Delpiccolo integrated with the team since his arrival, and where do you see his skill set best-utilized on the pitch?

I think Paolo is a good midfielder, reads the game well, has good instincts in the middle of the park, and we're going to try to incorporate him into what we're doing.

Is there something special, or something unique, that you feel Paolo brings to the table for the Revs in 2014?

Well, as a new player on our team he's adjusting to our system, he's adjusting to what we're doing as a group. If he continues to do that, if he can find his way, he'll fill a couple positions for us.