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Revolution 0, Dynamo 4 - 2014 MLS Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The performance on the field for the New England Revolution wasn't good and neither are the ratings for this week. Corey, Jake, Nick and Matty dish out a lot of below average numbers.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

STARTERS (Ratings Scale: 1-Awful, 5-Average, 10-World Class)

Bobby Shuttleworth - Average Rating 4.125 (Corey 3.5, Jake 4, Nick 5, Matty 4)

Corey: Kept the game from being 6-0 and was sharp in the second half, but it was too little too late. You don't allow 4 goals in and start the next game. Jake: Could he have maybe stopped one of the opening goals, possibly, but he needs to help organize his backline, which was in shambles for most of the first half if not the entire game. Nick: Bobby was consistently hung out to dry by a soft defensive performance, but a gutsy second half led to several outstanding saves. Matty: You can't let 4 goals in, no matter if they were your fault or not. Whole back line looked out of sync. Did play a little better in the second half and made a few nice stops.

Chris Tierney - Average Rating 3 (Corey 3, Jake 3, Nick 3, Matty 3)

Corey: Was pretty useless in man-to-man coverage leading to at least 2 goals. Had one good corner kick into the box but was otherwise a non-factor on the attack. Jake: Lost Bruin on the second goal after a turnover, looked foolish stabbing in on Garcia on the third goal and most of his crosses went straight to Tally Hall, that's a bad day. Nick: The service master played entirely too many crosses into Tally Hall's lap, seemed tentative in the attacking third and miss-hit a close-range opportunity. A disappointing performance by a reliable defender. Matty: Rushed back from injury? Looked rusty, and a step slower.

Jose Goncalves - Average Rating 2.625 (Corey 2.5, Jake 3, Nick 2, Matty 3)

Corey: I don't know if it was a nagging injury or something else, but that was not the MLS Defender of the Year out there on Saturday. Looked timid, immobile, and lackadaisical. Jake: I don't think we've ever rated JoGo this low before, but he and the vaunted Revs backline were downright awful in the opener. Contract and injuries aside, he needs to take responsibility on the field and keep the defense much more organized than that. Nick: Something went terribly wrong for MLS' most steady defender. Untidy touches, poor positioning and ill-advised decision making haunted Goncalves all evening. Matty: Similar story, just looked out of sorts, clumsy, and even a little slow.

A.J. Soares - Average Rating 3.625 (Corey 3.5, Jake 3, Nick 4, Matty 4)

Corey: Probably the better defender out there, but that's not saying much. Jake: I don't know what happened on that first goal with Bruin in the center but let's hope a striker ever gets that much space again in the top of the box ever again this year. Nick: The poor play of his defensive partner overshadowed a half-decent performance. Soares seemed to position himself well, even when Goncalves created gaping holes. Matty: The best performance across the back line...which isn't saying much.

Kevin Alston - Average Rating 3.25 (Corey 3, Jake 4, Nick 3, Matty 3)

Corey: Poor positioning and poor decision-making in his limited outing. Jake: Wasn't completely bad in a short outing but still allowed two goals as a defensive unit before coming off with an injury. Nick: Tough to critique Alston after exiting early, but his decision making in the early moments seemed erratic. Matty: Stop me if you heard these two words together before: Alston. Hamstring.

Scott Caldwell - Average Rating 2.625 (Corey 2.5, Jake 2, Nick 3, Matty 3)

Corey: Scotty's poor judgement in trying to pass out of the back directly lead to Houston's second goal. On the night, he was useless as a defensive midfielder, save for a couple won balls here and there. His biggest criticism from last year was his his criticism for game 1: not physical enough. Jake: Bad pass turnover directly led to the second goal, looked completely out of place on the field. I'm starting to think that Scotty is not a CDM at this level. Nick: I appreciate Scotty's fight on the field, but his lack of physicality and sloppy decision making hurt the Revs in a big way. Matty: My pick for breakout star of 2014 is off to a horrific start.

Diego Fagundez - Average Rating 5.375 (Corey 5.5, Jake 5, Nick 6, Matty 5)

Corey: Tried everything he good to get the attack going. Unlucky to not get a tap-in in the first half. Jake: Creative and pesky as always, just couldn't get the ball enough in the first half. Nick: On a night when his teammates failed to make plays in the attacking third, Diego showed offensive creativity, scrapping for every opportunity. His "scoop" to Rowe in the second half nearly resulted in an outstanding goal. Matty: He's good. Getting better every time I see him. A shame some of his creativity was wasted.

Daigo Kobayashi - Average Rating 4.375 (Corey 4.5, Jake 4, Nick 5, Matty 4)

Corey: Was an important cog in the midfield and tried to get things going with ideas, but it ultimately wasn't enough; final pass was never really there. Jake: Just never really found the game but more to do with the scoreline than anything he did or didn't do. Nick: At times, Lee Nguyen's replacement struggled to turn creativity into attacking opportunities. Showcased a play-making ability that seemed just one touch away. Matty: He wasn't too bad for his first match as a Rev. You can see the quality.

Kelyn Rowe - Average Rating 4.5 (Corey 4, Jake 5, Nick 5, Matty 4)

Corey: You gotta bag that goal, dude. Jake: Linked up well with Diego but like Kobyashi it took too long for him and the Revs attack to get anything going. Nick: Probably should have left Diego's assist drop before having a shot, but turned in a relatively efficient performance. Matty: A little off all night, but still looked dangerous on several occasions.

Patrick Mullins - Average Rating 3.75 (Corey 4, Jake 4, Nick 4, Matty 3)

Corey: He's not ready. No ideas, poor defending, and not a lot of movement. Was good physically on the ball, though, allowing him to win the ball in the attacking third. Jake: This is MLS, you need to go to the ball, not let it come to you. Otherwise Corey Ashe will pick your pocket. Some nice work in the attacking third however despite two offside calls. Nick: Possessed the ball better than expected and nearly developed a handful of chances. Unfortunately, he also looked very raw, struggling to play at game speed. Matty: Rookie debut. And boy did it look like it.

Teal Bunbury - Average Rating 4 (Corey 3, Jake 4, Nick 5, Matty 4)

Corey: Needs to be a threat. Rarely tested Tally Hall all night. Not good enough. Jake: Needed more service and needs to put his shots on target but we saw glimpses of what he can do in the Revs attack. Nick: Poor service led to an ineffective outing, but Bunbury showcased the playmaking ability to succeed for this club. Matty: No service, but still seemed a little too quiet after such a promising preseason.


Darrius Barnes - Average Rating 5.25 (Corey 5, Jake 6, Nick 5, Matty 5)

Corey: Not a terrible outing for Barnes. Looked fit, physical, and ready to earn more time. Jake: My man of the match, tough spot to come into down 2-0, and then quickly 3-0, but I think he was a bright spot in defense for a team that allowed four goals. Nick: Looked eager to make a difference from the start, playing a relatively clean match from the right side. Matty: Looked really hungry, and is it just me or does he look a little more solid this year?

Jerry Bengtson - Average Rating 1 (Corey 0, Jake 1, Nick 1, Matty 2)

Corey: He bags that goal 100 out of 100 times for Honduras. Unbelievable. Should never see playing time again this season, if you ask me. I don't care how harsh that sounds. Jake: It's very clear at this point that Jerry is allergic to navy blue and only plays good soccer while wearing the white and blue of Honduras. Nick: Jerry continues to fool us. I just don't understand. Matty: Right on the doorstep, Jerry.

Saer Sene - Average Rating 5.25 (Corey 5, Jake 5, Nick 6, Matty 5)

Corey: Didn't get a lot of time on the pitch, but encouraging that he saw time at all. Wasn't able to contribute much, but had a moment tracking back on defensive that impressed me. Jake: Clearly was able to provide something off the bench which is good news for the Revs going forward. Nick: Creativity and strength over the ball immediately benefitted the Revs attack. Showed signs of his dominant presence in the attacking third. Matty: Boy was I glad to see him. Looked strong, and brought a nice dynamic to the team.