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2014 New England Revolution Home Jersey Leaked?

If you believe such things, the 2014 home jersey for the Revs has been leaked. Naturally, this must be discussed before discussing whether or not the leak is even true.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

So much for that "MLS Jersey Week" promotion. 2014 jerseys are being leaked just about everywhere and has an exclusive look at the New England Revolution's 2014 Home jersey.

Personally, I am in the market for a new Revs jersey since the "Revolution" logo lettering on my 2009 home kit (with collar) wore out two years ago. I was looking forward to the new jerseys and fearful of what my wallet would say when I saw a price tag (assuming that I could find a Revs jersey in Fairfield County, CT but I digress).

But this, I don't know, it's almost too simple. There's nothing wrong with it, it's perfectly fine, I'm just not going to scour the one soccer store near me every day until the jersey is in stock. Last year I might have complained that there was too much going on, that there were too many panels and stripes and that multi-colored collar on the neck was awful. Now I'd give anything for a little bit of white trim somewhere to help me overcome my apparent pickiness with soccer jerseys.

And of course, all this discussion always comes down to if you put any stock into these leaks. Certainly if this is the 2014 Revs jersey that's going to put a slight damper on the Revs big launch event in Boston and the Revs aren't putting any stock that this leak is accurate.

Answer the poll question and discuss in the comments below, pretty sure I'm going to be sticking with my old jersey for now. Might check the discount rack for last year's home jersey though...