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Revolution Transfers 2014: Marko Perovic Signs with Chainat FC in Thailand

Former Revolution MVP and Bradenton trialist Marko Perovic apparently won't be rejoining the Revs in 2014, as he has reportedly signed a deal with Chainat FC in Thailand, according to what is believed to be his agent's Twitter account.

Gail Oskin

According to his (apparent) agent's Twitter, former New England Revolution MVP and 2014 preseason trialist Marko Perovic has signed a contract with Chainat FC of the Thai Premier League. A series of tweets appeared to confirm the deal:

And here's one of Marko hooked up to an ultrasound, apparently passing his medical:

Fans were pretty excited at the prospect of welcoming Perovic back to the fold, if the social media reaction was any indication. Admittedly, the Serb's lethal set-piece capabilities, size in the attack, and creative mind would have complemented the team well. Plus, it never hurts to have a left-footed player who is comfortable staying wide or cutting in, especially in last season's preferred system.

Unfortunately, it seems that the discussion is dead, as Perovic is signing elsewhere. However, there is something a little fishy about the agent's Twitter. He appears to be sending a lot of players to Thailand lately, or Asian markets in general. I cannot shake the feeling (and this is a personal hunch, not based in fact) that this is less-than-official, or at least less-than-permanent. It's something to keep an eye on, anyway.