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Revolution Getting New Secondary Jersey, Won't be White

Nothing gets soccer fans more excited than jerseys and the Revs are getting a new secondary design ahead of the 2015 season.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution will be debuting new secondary jerseys this season and although we are still weeks away from the unveiling, club president Brian Bilello has disclosed that the new design won't be white.

While most fans would prefer to have the jerseys released before the holidays, an option that Bilello himself admitted that he would support, MLS and adidas now use the weeks prior to the season's kickoff to make a spectacle of the reveals. The Revs missed the first Jersey Week, which took place in 2013, because they didn't have a new kit. Last year, the team showcased their primary blues at Royale in downtown Boston.

The tidbit that the Revolution won't have a white jersey is 2015 is certainly an interesting one as the club has long had white in their wardrobe. Fans have used social media to express their desired color with red or green being most popular.