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Frontage Road Plot Won't be used for a Homeless Shelter

City officials have decided that it isn't likely that a homeless shelter will be built on the Frontage Road plot. Their discussions contained a reference to the Revolution.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Globe reports that the future of the Frontage Road plot in the South End is still in flux as city officials decided on Friday that it’s unlikely that they’ll build a temporary homeless shelter there. Other locations are now under consideration.

The outcome on the Frontage Road parcel was largely influenced by neighborhood groups that rejected the idea of having an increase of homeless people in their community. Nearby Pine Street Inn already houses hundreds of homeless people while a city-run methadone clinic was once on the Frontage Road lot.

Discussions about what do with the piece of land also included comments about the New England Revolution. It was previously reported that the Krafts were eyeing Frontage Road as a place to build a soccer specific stadium. Another report claimed that the Krafts were approaching companies about potential naming rights and sponsorship deals.

While this news in no way ensures that a permanent home for the Revolution will soon be built, it is encouraging that the team continues to be a topic of conversation. It will be interesting to see if other stadium mentions occur during the off season.

As is their policy, the Revolution front office has yet to comment about the Frontage Road location.