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Thierry Henry Congratulations the Revs, Drops The Mic

With a crowd of media waiting to hear from him, Thierry Henry only offered a brief message.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being surrounded by eager media members, Thierry Henry was brief with his postgame comments on Saturday. With recorders and phones in front of him, the Frenchman asked if everyone was ready before making a solitary comment: "Well done, New England." He then preceded to walk out of the locker room.

The quick comment was likely done to avoid the inevitable questions about his future in MLS. Although Henry has been asked multiple times if he plans to return to the New York Red Bulls, a true answer was only provided on Monday through a Facebook post.

While many will be disappointed that Henry only provided one sound byte, I applaud the move. Instead of refusing to be interviewed, Henry made an important statement: New England was the better team in the series. Plus, walking away while media members stood in bewilderment was completely amusing.

Henry’s future may be uncertain, but we will always have the "drop the mic" moment from the 2014 playoffs.