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Revolution Supporters Reveal Latest Tifo Display

The Midnight Riders were behind the latest tifo to be hoisted in Gillete Stadium. The Jaws inspired piece of art was raised before the Revolution-Crew game on Sunday evening.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

New England Revolution supporters revealed their latest work of art on Sunday evening when an impressive, Jaws inspired tifo was raised before the game against the Columbus Crew. The tifo covered an extended version of the Fort before kickoff.

This is the second straight home game that a giant tifo was hoisted at Gillette Stadium. The Toto themed image that appeared before the Toronto FC game was designed by the Rebellion while the most recent tifo was created by the Midnight Riders.

The efforts of supporters haven’t gone unnoticed by Revolution players as they have expressed their appreciation. If the Revs do advance in the playoffs, it will be interesting to see if the tifo displays continue. While Seattle and Portland fans are typically on the forefront of tifo, there’s certainly no shortage of creativity in New England.