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Jones Fined For Simulation During First Leg vs. Columbus

Yeah, we don't get this one either.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

New England Revolution midfielder Jermaine Jones has been fined an undisclosed amount for simulation during the Revs first-leg playoff matchup against the Columbus Crew last weekend according to a league release.

The play in question happened in the 70th minute when Crew defender Waylon Francis clearly fouls Jones off the ball behind the play, but it appears the MLS Disciplinary Committee wasn't thrilled to see Jones go down on the play clutching his face when it appears the contact occurred towards his chest.

So while watching this video, the biggest concern the MLS DC has with the play is that Jones goes down clutching his face. Not Francis winding up and intentionally striking Jones off the ball. And while there we can argue that the MLS DC is not wrong to notice Jones' reaction, it seems strange that of all the things from that play alone and the rest of the Revs-Crew game that the only thing they noticed. Take into account a Tyson Wahl foul on Kelyn Rowe as well as an attempted elbow by Tony Tchani on Patrick Mullins and you would think the MLS DC would be reviewing more from this game and others around MLS but it appears for now this is the only punishment being doled out by the MLS DC this week.

Also, simulation means that Jones is making up the fact that Francis took a swing with his forearm on the play. What Jones did was embellish the contact in theory but to punish him for that and ignore at least two other instances of violent conduct and a serious foul play from this game makes little sense.