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Report: Providence is Interested in Housing the Revolution is reporting that political and economic leaders support bringing the Revolution to Providence.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like everyone wants a piece of the New England Revolution.

Weeks after the Boston Globe reported that a site on Frontage Road in the South End of Boston is being considered as a potential location for a soccer specific stadium, posted an article saying that Rhode Island political and economic leaders support bringing the Revolution to Providence.

The article quotes Marisa O’Gara, Director of Communications for Mayor-elect Jorge Elorza, on the subject:

"Relocating the New England Revolution to Providence would propose an exciting prospect for our city and our state, and the Mayor-elect stands ready to work with Mr. Kraft and other interested parties to determine whether such a prospect can become a reality. Providence's world-class amenities and convenient geographic location could provide a perfect home base for the Revolution and its many fans."

The article goes on to argue that a downtown soccer stadium would be a huge boost to the local economy, mentioning specifically the restaurant, hospitality and apparel industries.

Jim Bennett, Economic Development Director for the City of Providence, confirmed that the city has talked with Revolution officials in the past:

"Providence is all for trying to bring the Revolution here. We have had conversations in the past with the leadership of the Revolution and we believe Providence would be the perfect host to New England’s premiere soccer club."

Providence City Councilman Luis Aponte shared similar enthusiasm about bringing the Revolution to Providence as he said, "I would be 100% behind looking into this."

It can only be viewed as a good thing that there is so much talk about building a stadium for the Revolution. The team has grown tremendously this year, but they’re still in need of a permanent home.

Obviously Boston would be the ideal spot, but other locations should be considered. The growth of soccer is evident in the impressive attendance numbers. Imagine the groundswell of support that would come with breaking ground on a soccer specific stadium in an urban site.