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Dax McCarty "Calls Out" Jermaine Jones After Controversial Foul

Always fiery and never at a loss for words, Red Bulls midfielder Dax McCarty took to Twitter to convey his feelings about Jermaine Jones' aggressive challenge in Sunday's leg one match.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In the heat of a physical match that resulted in 10 yellow cards--one that ultimately dismissed Bradley-Wright Phillips for the remainder of the Eastern Conference Finals--Revolution midfielder Jermaine Jones built the longest rap sheet of any player on the field. In the heart of the first frame, Jones went in late on Red Bulls midfielder Eric Alexander, a foul that many spectators assumed would result in a booking.

Referee Allen Chapman left both cards in his pocket.

Moments later, Jones was dispossessed by Dax McCarty, who started to take a touch away from danger. Jones, in an attempt to regain possession, lunged back toward McCarty with both legs spread open. McCarty hit the ground and immediately protested for Jones' dismissal.

Once again, Chapman elected to ignore the Red Bulls' dissent, only showing Jones a yellow card.

Following the match, McCarty publicly made his opinion known, posting the following photo on Twitter early Monday evening. The sarcastic headline reads, "Definitely not a red card."

Dax McCarty Tweet 11/23

On his weekly installment of "Instant Replay," personality Simon Borg agreed with McCarty, stating that Jones recklessly endangered his opponent and should have been dismissed. "To me, Jones got off easy with just a yellow," Borg said. "But after all that, Jones stayed on the field, and of course scores the game winner."

Despite the controversy that surrounded Jones' foul, the Revolution DP will, as of now, see the field on Saturday. According to FoxSoccer's Kyle McCarthy, it appears the MLS Disciplinary Committee will not levy further action against Jones, per Revs head coach Jay Heaps:

What do you think? Should Jones have been sent off for his challenge on McCarty? Let your opinion be heard by commenting below.