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New England Revolution vs. New York Red Bulls - Player Ratings and Man of the Match

On Sunday afternoon the New England Revolution traveled to Red Bull arena and left with 2-1 advantage going into the return leg, which will be played in Foxboro. The win wouldn't have been possible without some tremendous individual performances and Jake, Hemming, Corey and myself all weigh in on each individual contribution.

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Bobby Shuttleworth - Average Rating 6.625

Casale: 6 - An overall decent showing from Shuttleworth, but was bailed out time and time again by missed opportunities and strong defending. Looked shaky, and mishandled a number of shots that could have resulted in more goals. On the bright side, Bobby did come up with some big saves.

Hemming: 6.5 - Did enough to earn a victory, but needed to parry a few of those hits--particularly those from distance--farther from goal. Still, his decision making, communication and positioning seemed on-point from start to finish.

Jake: 7.5 - Six saves and I can't blame him for the goal, had the first effort and there was something generally flukey about that whole play. But throughout the playoffs, Bobby's positioning and decision-making have been on point, completely in-form just like he was in the first half of 2013.

Corey: 6.5 - Had an above average game, but his spills in the box were problematic at times and allowed for too many NY opportunities that could have probably been avoided

Chris Tierney - Average Rating 6.625

Casale: 6 - A classic Tierney performance in the sense that he showed his quality on the ball, but had trouble defending a pacey Lloyd Sam. His versatility to move into the midfield is invaluable though, and moving him up the field rewarded the Revs.

Hemming: 8- Few backs possess the versatility to push forward into something of a midfield role, as Tierney did on Sunday, a move that helped set up Lee Nguyen's game-winning push. Outstanding shift.

Jake: 6 - A really tough assignment on Lloyd Sam and for the most part did well defensively. Moved up to left midfield late and his deft flick on to Lee Nguyen in the center of the field started the counter attack that led to the winner.

Corey: 6.5 - An unsung hero in this game IMO. Kept Lloyd Sam relatively quiet for much of the game and his move into the midfield in the second half was a key component in setting up Jones' winning goal.

Jose Goncalves - Average Rating 6.375

Casale: 6.5 - Solid showing from the captain. While some passes did go astray, Jogo did extremely well at times to muscle players off the ball and win possession for the Revs.

Hemming: 6.5 - Another tough, gritty match for JoGo, particularly during a physical, back-and-forth afternoon. Still undecided if he should have done better on BWP's goal.

Jake: 6.5 - Not a great day passing and was in a good position on the Red Bulls goal on the line and just got unlucky and couldn't do anything about it. A solid day with several good shoulder tackles in the box as well to prevent opportunities for New York.

Corey: 6 - Not his best day, but still pretty damn good.

A.J. Soares - Average Rating 7.375

Casale: 7.5 - Great game from Soares and did a much better job in possession. He is showing everyone what it means to play with heart, as he consistently gets in the way of attackers and wins the challenges he needs to make.

Hemming: 7 - Just another solid shift: clean passes, excellent marking and a pair of blocked shots. He loses a mark for a silly yellow card.

Jake: 7.5 - Tremendous throughout and the only soft yellow of the day for the Revs as well, won three headers, seven clearances, three tackles and blocked two shots. A tidy 85% passing rating as well looks nice, but it's mostly lateral passes with a few big boots up field.

Corey: 7.5 - Had a number of key clearances and blocks. An all around great performance.

Andrew Farrell - Average Rating 8

Casale: 8.5 - Fantastic game from the bearded dynamo. Farrell won a number of challenges, intercepted the ball when the opportunities presented were there, and won the battle against Henry. He also did well in the attack - showing his speed, stretching the field and by winning a few corner kicks.

Hemming: 8 - If anybody was going to get exposed on Sunday, it was Farrell. But the speedy back responded with an astounding performance, laying his body on the line to preserve the aggregate advantage. Showcased an unbelievable work rate in leg one.

Jake: 8 - A defensive beast all night with the hardest assignment on the field as well, six registered tackles with three interceptions and he was able to get forward on several occasions after missing the second leg against Columbus.

Corey: 7.5 - A stalwart on defense all night. His work rate was crucial and his tackles were top notch.

Jermaine Jones - Average Rating 6.125

Casale: 6 - Tough to give Jones a rating for this game. While he scored the winner in dramatic fashion and influenced the game with his energy, he gave the ball away too much and went into some reckless challenges. In truth, he was probably lucky to not be shown a red card for his scissor kick tackle. In terms of sheer performance, it would count as a great game for anyone else, but for Jones the performance was below his high standards.

Hemming: 6 - In the first frame, JJ couldn't hold possession, failed to distribute effectively and got involved in several foolish fouls; In the second, he honed in one what he does best, putting the game away following a heady run onto the far post. We'll need more of the latter on Saturday.

Jake: 6 - Bad Jermaine showed up for the first leg, with an awful tackle on Dax that only got a yellow to a 68% passing day that you'll get from time to time as he looks for those cross-filed passes. But all was erased with his winner in the closing minutes, a perfect run to the backpost with a sliding finish. Was also fouled seven times.

Corey: 6.5 - I was most impressed with his support on the right side of the pitch in helping to cover Thierry Henry. Obviously the tactical switch in the second half to get him more involved paid dividends. The run and game-winning goal were both perfection. His two-footed tackle on McCarty, however, was pretty heinous.  

Scott Caldwell - Average Rating 7.375

Casale: 8 - Yes 8. Why more than Jones? Because in terms of what Jay Heaps expects from him and what he did on the field, Caldwell surely exceeded those expectations. Scotty defended strongly, and never seemed to give the ball away in possession.

Hemming: 7- Scotty has looked extremely sharp beside JJ in the middle of the park. Did well to hold onto possession and simplified the match with smart passes out of the back. Another strong performance.

Jake: 7.5 - I thought Scotty did really well, and has is his custom, it's always very quietly. But three tackles, a boatload of recoveries and three clearances in the box and you're bound to notice him on the field. 81% passing though, a touch lower than the 85-90% we're used to...(kidding Scotty, keep it up).

Corey: 7 - Did all the little things very well and was constantly involved in plugging up passing lanes and winning back possession. 

Kelyn Rowe - Average Rating 5.125

Casale: 5 - Injured, but looked lively when he was on the field. Hopefully will be fit and ready for the return leg.

Hemming: 5 - After struggling to find his own in the first half, Kelyn took a hard knock in the second frame and never had the opportunity to recover. Should enter leg two hungry for a bounce-back outing.

Jake: 5 - Forced off after an Eckersley challenge at the hour mark, Rowe was a victim of the Revs tactical advantage down the right flank and never had a chance to find the game, with only 11 total touches. Let's hope he's healthy for the second leg.

Corey: 5.5 - Not quite Rowe's best day, but still was active throughout and kept the NY backline honest when moving into a supporting position on Revs' attacks. Tough to see him have to exit the game due to injury.

Lee Nguyen - Average Rating 6.625

Casale: 7 - Even when he is kept largely quiet #MVLee finds a way to help the Revs win.

Hemming: 7 - He only needed 10 seconds to make a difference, and he took advantage. Despite a stifling performance by Alexander and McCarty, Lee found a way to play hero, earning only a fraction of his deserved credit for patiently setting up the game winner.

Jake: 6 - The Red Bulls holding midfield of Dax McCarty and Eric Alexander did a tremendous job of containing Lee for 85 minutes...that is until that late counter attack where Lee does what he does best, attack the backline and create, this time getting the secondary assist feeding Teal wide right who centered for Jones.

Corey: 6.5 - NY did an admirable job of keeping him out of the game--particularly Eric Alexander, who was frequently shadowing Nguyen and would put pressure on him often. Still, despite a "quiet" night, he took his opportunity to change the game, as he will do, and set up the game winner with the class and skill we've come to expect.

Teal Bunbury - Average Rating 8.875

Casale: 9 - That goal though... The curler he hit to open up the scoring was nothing less than World class, which is why he wins man of the match. Furthermore, he was excellent on the defensive side of the ball, and did superbly well to assist Jones late in the game.

Hemming: 9 - Could not have asked for more from the hardest-working man on the pitch. All afternoon, TB was a terror on the wing, and made the Bulls pay time and time again. A true statement performance.

Jake: 9 - Man of the match, no question. That's a world class left-footed strike and he brutalized Ambroise Oyongo pretty much the entire game when the Revs attacked down the right flank. These are the types of games Bunbury is capable of even if we've come to respect the two-way effort he puts in, especially defensively.

Corey: 8.5 - Obvious MOTM. Did everything right on the attack and did not neglect his defensive duties. I'm not sure where that confidence in front of net has been all season, but I'm glad it showed up on Sunday!

Charlie Davies - Average Rating 5.125

Casale: 4.5 - It was a largely disappointing day for Davies, but in his defense, he never saw much of the ball. I would have liked to see Charlie take on defenders more when he is isolated with them, instead of choosing the negative pass every time - something that has become a habit. When the Revs need a spark or a moment of individual brilliance in the final third, Davies has not proved to be the man to bring it home.

Hemming: 5.5 - The Revs struggled to get Charlie involved, particularly in the box, and his performance suffered as a result. Still made the most of his outing, though, showing great work ethic and scrappy play up top.

Jake: 5 - The other victim of the Revs ability to dominate the right flank, Davies never had a chance to get involved in this game either. Just 18 touches and none of them in the box, he was reduced to moving all around the field to get the ball, a credit to the RBNY defense.

Corey: 5.5 - A quiet night, but still played an important role as a pest for the NY backline. 

Kevin Alston - Average Rating 6.75

Casale: 7 - Showed well when immediately after coming on and reminded everyone why he is the best 1 vs. 1 defender on the team.

Hemming: 7 - Entered the match and immediately helped lock down the left side of the pitch. If the Revs have an aggregate lead midway through the second half on Sunday, Alston should play an identical role.

Jake: 6.5 - Did a little bit of everything, but more importantly his speed helped neutralize Lloyd Sam down the flank, an important defensive change from Heaps despite coming on for the injured Rowe.

Corey: 6.5 - A great appearance for Alston who helped the Revs shore-up the left flank.

Patrick Mullins - Average Rating 6

Casale: 6 - Nguyen was never going to pass him that ball on the break, but his run out to the left wing kept the defense honest. Mullins also got involved defensively for the last two minutes, so credits are due for that.

Hemming: 6.5 - Exactly what Heaps needed: a full head of steam to close out the match.

Jake: 6 - So how does a late sub at striker get a six rating going 0-for-2 on passing? Two clearances in the box late.

Corey: 5.5 - Not exactly an impact sub, but was a team player, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and made smart runs when he could.

Andy Dorman - Average Rating N/A

Casale: N/A - Good to see Dorman out there following his injury. Must be doing something right in practice for Heaps to have the faith to put him on in the dying minutes of the game.

Jake: N/A - A late cameo to get Nguyen off in the waning minutes, but still good to see him out there. Also ended Daigo Kobayashi's streak of appearing in every game for the Revs this year, regular and postseason.