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Revolution vs. Toronto 2013: Live Game Thread Part Deux

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to tonight's New England Revolution live thread, as they take on Toronto FC for the second time in the 2013 season. This match, as every match will be for the rest of the season, is going to be essential to the Revs as they continue to fight for a playoff spot. Every game from here on out is against a Conference opponent.

Today's live thread will work a little differently than usual. I am an idiot; for every home game, we are required to RSVP for the press box a few days in advance, and although we've been planning this meet-up and such for some time, I forgot to send that email. Therefore I cannot cover the match from the box I'm going to buy a Fort ticket at the box office and will be unavailable for this live thread and for immediate postgame coverage.

That's not too big a deal, though. These live threads are about all of you readers, not about me or any of our writers. Those of you who couldn't make it to the game, take the lead and run the conversation yourselves. Talk to each other, discuss the action, and leave your comments as it all unfolds just like you would any other game. I will attempt to chime in via mobile when I can...but I can't guarantee coherence.


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