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Juan Agudelo Trolls Revolution Fans and Twitter

Rumors about Juan Agudelo's future are swirling. In response, the striker decided to have a little fun at everybody's expense via Twitter.

U mad bro?
U mad bro?

On Saturday, Juan Agudelo pulled off an epic troll job that took New England Revolution fans and all of MLS for a ride.

It all started at about 12:30 PM with this loaded tweet:

The response was immediate.

Rumors have been swirling that Agudelo will be on the move to Stoke anyway, so Revs fans were convinced he was about to announce that he'd signed with the Staffordshire club. As the appointed hour drew near, fans in New England grew more and more cautiously expectant, fearing the worst but still morbidly curious.

Then Agudelo dropped this gem:

There it was. The biggest Revolution trolling since Luis "El Lobo" Fangoso was complete, but this one probably wasn't sanctioned by the front office. Naturally, Agudelo engendered an equally wide range of reactions with this prank:

One can expect that Agudelo is going to have a little talking-to ahead of him from the PR department, but for the most part, Revolution fans were probably just relieved he wasn't leaving. Yet, anyway.

Of course, someone had to rain on the parade with a dose of (rumored) reality.

For now, though, he stays in Foxboro a little longer. Probably not this weekend, though, since he's still listed as Out for Sunday.

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