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Jerry-Gate Update: Bengtson Seeing Out Revs Contract, Putting Offers On Hold For Now

Jerry Bengtson continues to be a mystery to us all. But an interview we haphazardly translated by the magical Google provides some clues as to what his future may hold in New England and elsewhere.

Bob Levey

The Jerry Bengtson saga has cooled off a bit recently, but today we've stumbled upon some news by way of a interview with the mercurial striker. The article primarily focuses on Bengtson returning to the good graces of the Honduran Men's National Team and national team coach Luis Fernando Suarez. However, there are some interesting tidbits within the interview regarding his future with New England. Take this quote, for example, regarding his goal drought with the Revs this season:

"Estoy pasando por una mala racha en el equipo, solo he podido convertir dos goles en este campeonato y en los últimos partidos no he estado. No sé que es lo que me está pasando, trabajo fuerte, no hay que desesperarse, las cosas mejorarán y cayendo un gol vendrán muchos. Con el técnico del club hemos hablado sobre ese tema y me ha entendido, he tenido que estar atendiendo algunos problemas migratorios que tienen que ver con mi hijo pero eso no es excusa pero lo bueno que tengo salvada la confianza y espero terminar bien con este equipo los seis meses que me restan. Quiero ayudar al club, ojalá que clasifiquemos y cerrar bien para irme tranquilo."

Which Google Translate tells me says:

"I'm going through a rough patch on the computer, I could only convert two goals in this tournament and in recent games have not been. I do not know what is happening to me, hard work, do not despair, things will improve and many will come falling a goal. With club coach have talked about this subject and I have understood, I had to be by certain migration that have to do with my son, but that's no excuse but I have saved good confidence and I hope to finish well with this team the six months remaining me. I want to help the club, hopefully we classify and close good to go quiet."

Points to take away: (1) he has spoken with Jay Heaps about his struggles, it seems, (2) there is something going on with his son and "migration" (not so sure about this one), and (3) he has 6 months remaining on his contract with New England.

At the risk of speculating too much without official word from any sources, but one could surmise that Bengtson and Heaps have spoken and mutually agreed that the DP should see out the final 6 months of his contract to see if he can turn things around. I have pieced together this possible scenario based on the quote above and the fact that Bengtson will be featured at a charity Ice Cream Scooping event (alongside Saer Sene) after the MLS summer transfer window closes. And although the translation is confusing, perhaps there is also a situation occurring with his son that needs to be sorted out and the Revolution have opted not to ship him somewhere else while he is dealing with this.

There's more interesting information in this article, too. The interviewer follows the previous question with the following: "Why not accept the offers of the first division of Spain and Greece?". Bengtson replies as such:

"Por ahí me han llamado representantes proponiéndome cosas, pero no hemos hablado mucho. Yo les dije que después vamos a hablar de eso cuando terminemos aquí en el New England Revolution."

Which, again, Google has translated to:

"Over there representatives have called me offering me things, but we have not talked much. I told them then we'll talk about that when we finish here at the New England Revolution."

To me, this once again reinforces the notion that Jerry Bengtson will indeed be seeing out the final 6 months of his contract with the Revs before considering a move. But, what's even more interesting to note is that there are indeed offers for Bengtson abroad. This suggests to me that the Revolution are tabling these offers for the time being, but I believe that there's a possibility that they'll be taken into consideration this winter when Bengtson's contract is finished.

That's all we've got for this Jerry-Gate update. Let us know what you think of this development in the comments section below. And a special thanks to Total-MLS's Seth Macomber for bringing this article to our attention this morning.