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Revolution 5-0 Galaxy: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

When the Revolution won by a stellar 5-0 score over the Galaxy on Sunday, it was pretty tough to judge any player harshly on his performance, and this week's ratings reflect that. Steve was the only one to submit ratings this week.


Bobby Shuttleworth: Average Rating - 7.25 (Steve 7.5, Corey 7)

Steve: Did excellently when dealing with the wind out there. Sure of himself when off his line, and made six saves. Needs to improve the distribution a little bit; favored the long ball, and thus his passing accuracy was a measly 51.7%... Corey: Came up with some really big saves, especially in the first half, to keep yet another clean sheet

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6)

Steve: Connected on just 59.4% of passes, and crossing wasn't particularly great, but the wind probably played havoc with balls in the air. Defensively put in a very good shift, made a lot of clearances and covered the flanks well... Corey: An improved defensive performance and looks more confident on the ball in the attack. Still not perfect, though.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 7.5 (Steve 7.5, Corey 7.5)

Steve: Just an absolute rock. Had one or two hairy moments early, but never put his team under pressure and was a big reason for the Galaxy being limited to shots from distance. Distribution was uncharacteristically poor, though. Still, 8 interceptions? Huge... Corey: I'm getting tired of gushing about this guy. Wait, no I'm not.

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 6.75 (Steve 7, Corey 6.5)

Steve: Distributed better than Jose, but was a little shakier. Only a little, though. Nearly got a goal, and helped lock down Donovan and Zardes well. He's making it tough to justify bringing Soares back into the team at this point...Corey: Maybe not his best, but still noteworthy. Suddenly Soares is the one on the outside looking in.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 6 (Steve 6.5, Corey 5.5)

Steve: Picked up his first career assist and was essential to the attack when played it on the ground. Crossing is still a liability. He was titanic in defense, though, picking off Galaxy passes all over the place... Corey: Once again, biggest flaw in his game is his distribution and his crossing in the final third. Works hard to recover from turnovers, but crossing into the box needs to get better.

Scott Caldwell: Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 6, Corey 5)

Steve: Obviously had some trouble asserting himself on the game, but when dealing with Juninho, Sarvas, and Donovan, that's expected. Careful with the ball, and picked up a fair few recoveries. Still needs to be more involved if he wants to lock down that holding midfield position... Corey: Too many sloppy giveaways for my liking and struggled against players like Juninho and Landon

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 8.75 (Steve 9, Corey 8.5)

Steve: Nearly flawless performance from the kid. A goal and two assists, and he was the engine the whole time he was on. Only mistake may have been hesitating when he set up the Toja chance in the 44th, as he probably had Agudelo wide open if he picked his head up. Also got a lot more touches than usual, completing 28/32 passes...Corey: Like I need to tell you how good Boy Wonder was on Saturday

Juan Toja: Average Rating - 6 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6.5)

Steve: Respect his tenacity, he obviously really hates to give up the ball, but he gets dispossessed on the dribble too much. Was 90% accurate passing, though, and had a decent chance. Obviously improving his work-rate in defense and off the ball, too. Just don't feel like he's having the impact on the game this team is looking for... Corey: Finally looks to be on the same page as everyone else. Good defensive effort, too.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 6.5 (Steve 6.5, Corey 6.5)

Steve: Was his usual heavily-involved self, although 75% passing is a little low for him. Took his goal well, and it was good to see him staying heads-up with Diego on that play. Ended up overshadowed by others in this match, but is still essential to the way this team operates... Corey: Nice to see him play a complimentary role for long stretches rather than be the focus of the offense as he typically is. A very good game.

Saer Sene: Average Rating - 6 (Steve 6, Corey 6)

Steve: Good to see him get the goal. If he can regain his 2012 form this is going to be a real exciting year. That said, he didn't get himself too many touches overall, and obviously had very little interest in the defensive side of the game. Still a positive performance... Corey: It's still a bit unnerving that he's not up to full fitness yet. But hopefully that will change now that he will be starting some matches rather than subbing in (presumably). Doesn't have the same wheels that we saw last season, but still just as sharp mentally and clutch where it counts.

Juan Agudelo: Average Rating - 6.75 (Steve 6.5, Corey 7)

Steve: This guy put in work. He was careful with the ball when he passed, nearly hitting 90% of his targets, and though he didn't get on the score sheet, he was a major part of the attack in this game. Perhaps a little to reactive instead of proactive off the ball, though... Corey: A real breath of fresh air for this team. Combining well in the final third, making smart runs, and showing a willingness to defend when needed. He's everything we've been looking for, it seems.

Kelyn Rowe (sub): Average Rating - 8.5 (Steve 8.5, Corey 8.5)

Steve: The game changed when he came on. He got chances, set up two goals, and scored a goal, all as a substitute. So glad to have him healthy again. Completed 13/16 passes with no other giveaways. Diego's getting the plaudits, but Rowe's preparing to breakout in a big way, too... Corey: My man Kelyn is on fire this season. He may be looking at a USMNT call-up in the next 2 years or so, mark my words.

Jerry Bengtson (sub): Average Rating - 3.75 (Steve 4, Corey 3.5)

Steve: His involvement was minimal, though that might not be totally his fault. Does seem like his teammates are avoiding him a bit with the ball. Still, the few times he had the ball, he gave it away more than he kept it. Perhaps some time with Honduras will regenerate him... Corey: Literally looks like the worst player we have out there. Gets muscled off the ball easier than the little guys out there, and what's more aggravating is that he seems to be tripping over his own feet constantly. His days are clearly numbered, or at least they better be.

Chad Barrett (sub): Average Rating - 7 (Steve 7, Corey 7)

Steve: He played less than 10 minutes, but still managed an assist and a goal, and never lost the ball once. His ability as a hold-up player was on display, and his finish was excellent. Glad to see him get one over on his old club...Corey: Big statement for Barrett who clearly has wanted more playing time. He showed Heaps and everyone else that with his impressive appearance, and if you ask me, he deserves more playing time moving forward.