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Revolution Transfer Rumor 2013: Kalifa Cisse to go Back to England?

A surprising report from Sky Sports News has Kalifa Cisse targeted by several sides from the English Championship.


Some interesting news came out of England this morning regarding the New England Revolution and outgoing transfers. Defensive midfielder Kalifa Cisse is apparently attracting interest from sides like Watford and Millwall, according to Pete O'Rourke of Sky Sports.

In the author's words:

Cisse is currently playing in MLS with New England Revolution and the midfielder has impressed during his time in America.

The 29-year-old's return to form has not gone unnoticed in England, with Cisse well known from his time with Reading and Bristol City prior to his move to New England.

The immediate response to the word "impressed" can best be summed up by our own Matty Jollie, who said: "Really? Who? The training staff? The lunch lady in the cafeteria?!" Cisse has made just six league appearances - all starts -and while he's not been poor by any means, he hasn't exactly done a whole lot of "impressing." Honestly, it's tough to impress when you aren't playing.

I think the idea of Cisse moving on this summer is plausible, given that he appears to have lost his spot to Scott Caldwell in the starting XI. He's making $445,000 in guaranteed compensation, which is far and away the highest salary on the team. That's a lot of cash to leave sitting on the bench.

That said, he's an excellent piece for depth, quality, leadership, and experience. The Revs are certainly a better team with him in the lineup than without. If a team in England wants to make an offer, though, New England would probably find it difficult to refuse.