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Jerry-Gate Takes a New Turn: Honduran Abruptly Leaves National Team Camp

Revolution DP Jerry Bengtson, who has struggled mightily to score goals this season, is reported to have left Honduras National Team camp and return to Boston instead of traveling with the team to Utah for Tuesday's match against the United States. Frustrations appear to have finally boiled over for Jerry, and there's no telling what will happen next at this point.

Mike Stobe

According to various reports summarized in this article, New England Revolution striker Jerry Bengtson has apparently parted ways with the rest of the Honduran National Team ahead of their clash with the United States on Tuesday. Bengtson has reportedly decided to head back to Boston following a clash with head coach Luis Fernando Suarez over not starting in their recent win over Jamaica. According the MLS article, his decision and actions were "not supported by the rest of the Honduras squad.

This of course adds a new wrinkle in the ever evolving saga of Jerry Bengtson with the Revolution. Bengtson, the Revs' only current Designated Player, has only netted 3 goals for the club in MLS league play, and only one of them coming this season (in the season opener against the Chicago Fire on March 9th). Bengtson was largely expected to find his scoring boots this season with the Revs, especially after spending a decent chunk of time with the club in their pre-season camp, but that has just simply not happened yet this year.

Amidst Bengtson's struggles, New England has acquired Juan Agudelo from Chivas USA, has seen Saer Senereturn from injury, has seen Diego Fagundez go on a tear, and has welcomed the effective contributions of bothChad Barrett and Dimitry Imbongo. Basically, it's starting to look like Jerry is the one being left behind.

And now he's being benched for his country as well as his club. Perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Maybe this development with his national team was the catalyst to Jerry reaching his boiling point. Personally, I always found Jerry to be a pretty affable, humble, and even shy guy during the few times that I've seen him and shoved my iPhone in his face post-game. So, hearing that he "berated" Suarez seems, frankly, out of character. Then again, what do I know, I'm just a guy at a computer.

Nevertheless, this news does not spell good things for Bengtson's future at New England. Many have begun speculating that the Revs may look to off-load him in the upcoming summer transfer window to make room for someone who can produce more effectively (or, really, just produce at all). Is it now just all simply just coming to a head for the Honduran DP? Has this outburst been building up for a while? Is it merely frustration with himself, or something more?

As the article points out, this development means that Jerry will not feature against the US Men's National Team on Tuesday in Utah, but he also will not feature for the Revs this weekend against the Whitecaps as they've already departed (and I believe arrived) in Vancouver ahead of Saturday's match. One can assume that Bengtson will be reunited with the team once they return from the Northwest, but honestly who can really say what will happen next at this point?