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Revolution 0-0 United: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution were smothered by a well-executed D.C. United game plan on Saturday, and thus settled for a 0-0 home draw. Steve and Corey submitted ratings this week.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Shuttleworth: Average Rating - 6.5 (Steve 6, Corey 7)

Steve: Distribution much better than usual, only forced into one save. Solid all-around...Corey: Didn't have to make very many saves, but did crucially keep the clean sheet at some important moments.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5.25 (Steve 4.5, Corey 6)

Steve: Passing was iffy, and his crossing really let him and the team down. Defensively sound, though...Corey: Not one of his better outings this season, particularly on defense where he sometimes struggled to keep up with Nick DeLeon and Chris Pontius, but I truly do think that he is significantly improving in the attack.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 6.25 (Steve 5.5, Corey 7)

Steve: Stood tall in defense, though he was nearly exposed once or twice. Distribution a bit of a letdown...Corey: Pretty standard (read: stellar) performance from JoGo. Distribution could have been a bit better though.

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 7 (Steve 7, Corey 7)

Steve: 93% pass completion rate. Read that again. Also a rock in the center of defense. Great outing from Big Creepy Steve...Corey: In all the right places when it matters.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6)

Steve: His passing and crossing just has to get better, but he did have one or two moments that could have turned into an assist. Pretty good defensively, too...Corey: Kept Kyle Porter pretty silent on the night. Better in the attack, generally speaking.

Scott Caldwell: Average Rating - 6.25 (Steve 6, Corey 6.5)

Steve: Accurate passer who gobbled up loose balls all night. Even got a decent shot off. He gets better every week...Corey: Great passing numbers and even showed for the ball in the attacking third on a couple occasions. Getting better.

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 6 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6.5)

Steve: You could see his brilliance in flashes, and you could tell at times he wanted to take over the game, but United had a game plan in their defensive third that stymied the Boy Wonder...Corey: United did a good job of limiting his chances. Active but ultimately ineffective on the night.

Juan Toja: Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 5, Corey 6)

Steve: Surgically accurate with passes, but he gets dispossessed way too often and he should have buried his chance. Team just looks less connected when he's on the pitch...Corey: 91% passing accuracy is impressive and Toja generally looks more comfortable with his teammates lately.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6)

Steve: Expect a little better from his passing, though he had a lot of touches. Needs to get the shooting right, too. Again, D.C. had a plan and executed...Corey: Fell a little flat on the night, but glad to see him taking his chances when they come. Needs to work on getting the ball on frame when shooting from outside the 18.

Saer Sene: Average Rating - 6 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6.5)

Steve: Was creative and daring, though not really efficient with the ball. Maybe should have had a goal. Attack looked to have lost a dimension when he came off...Corey: Getting back to his old self, looked more confident in the attacking third.

Juan Agudelo: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6)

Steve: Pretty good passing, but seems to get dispossessed a lot. His physicality was eating United's defenders for lunch, but still has a habit of holding onto the ball a bit too long...Corey: Got physical, which I like, but perhaps a bit too physical when his foul resulted in Sene's goal being disallowed.

Kelyn Rowe (sub): Average Rating - 5.25 (Steve 5, Corey 5.5)

Steve: Tough to criticize. Got put out wide, where we know he's not as effective, and had a lot asked of him in a short time...Corey: Tried to get things going, but his super-sub uniform must have been at the dry cleaners for this one.

Chad Barrett (sub): Average Rating - 4.75 (Steve 4.5, Corey 5)

Steve: Looked like he got shoved in an unfamiliar role, and it didn't help him generate anything. Effort was there...Corey: Good energy and looked determined to make some things happen, but wasn't getting in the best positions and thus wasn't too involved.