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The Bent Musket Wednesday Morning Open Thread: USA, Bruins, and Open Cup

Morning everybody. This is a hell of a sports week, right? The USA beat Panama last night, the Spurs and Heat are locked in a compelling battle for the NBA title (go Spurs), and tonight, we get to see the Revs take on New York in the Open Cup at Harvard while also keeping an eye on the score of the Bruins-Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals opener. There's just so much going on!

Let's change things up a bit with today's topic. I want you guys to give me your Revolution players as music albums. Any artist, any genre, any era; take a couple of players and tell us what albums you think of when you think of those players.

EDIT: Let's just do players as albums, songs, or artists. Opens the field a little bit.

And hey, will I be seeing anyone else tonight at Harvard? Talk about all that and more in the comments!