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Revolution vs. Salt Lake 2013: Live Game Thread

The Revolution are set to take on Real Salt Lake at Gillette Stadium tonight.

Norm Hall

The New England Revolution are taking on Real Salt Lake of the Western Conference this evening in their only meeting with the (recently) perennial playoff contenders of the 2013 campaign. Despite dealing with injuries and the looming shadow of Saturday night's match against New York, the Revs will be looking to get full points from this home tilt to continue leapfrogging their way up the Eastern Conference standings.

Playoff hockey and playoff basketball may be on, but the match unfolding in Foxboro actually has potential to be a real barnstormer. The Revs have a stalwart, stingy defense, and RSL has been nothing if not inconsistent this season. It's an opportunity for New England's sleeping offense to rouse awake and take advantage of a team that might not have it defensively on a night like tonight.

Or, with the weather (scattered showers of varying intensity), it might be real ugly. Who knows?

Questions surround the squad even as they prepare to take the field. How many minutes will Saer Sene see? Is Juan Toja going to make an appearance? What's up with Kalifa Cisse? Join us in the comments section below and talk about the game as it unfolds!