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Why Francesco Totti Would Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To The New England Revolution

The Italian star has very recently been linked with a move to Major League Soccer. Surely he would demand a sizable DP contract and salary, but he could be just what the Revs need to graduate to the next level of competition in the league, both on and off the field.

Paolo Bruno

Totti is a name that's recognized and revered the world over. He is a world-class talent and a Serie A, World Cup, and UEFA Champions League veteran. Now, at age 36, there is talk that he might leave his beloved AS Roma for a new challenge, and that new challenge is beginning to look like it could be MLS.

Now, the title of this post is misleading, because, honestly, Totti would probably be the best thing to ever happen to A LOT of teams in the league (most). But for New England, who don't really have any player that comes close to the legend or pedigree of someone like Totti, could benefit immensely from his addition to Jay Heaps' squad.

Just within the context of this current 2013 season, the Revolution are lacking a true goal-scoring force. The squad does not have a true # 10 to create and string together attacks, though Juan Toja, Lee Nguyen, Ryan Guy, and Kelyn Rowe have all tried to play that part. Totti, a textbook example of a # 10 or "trequartista", would fulfill that role flawlessly. And even at 36 years old, the Italian has proven that he still has plenty of soccer left in him, scoring 33 goals (in all competitions) this season alone.

His value on the pitch is undeniable, but his value off the pitch would perhaps even greater. Totti is the kind of name that would put butts in the seats at Gillette Stadium in Saturday (and the occasional Wednesday) nights. Totti is the type of player that can generate enough buzz here in the United States that things could really start to reach that next level for the club he signs for. For New England, they need to reach that next level as badly as anybody, perhaps more than any other club.

A far-fetched fantasy it may be, but I could see Totti Partnering with Saer Sene up top, or sitting in front of Kalifa Cisse or Andy Dorman/Clyde Simms as a withdrawn forward, much like Toja has been utilized this season. I can just see it now--scoring deft goal after deft goal against the likes of New York, Chicago, LA, Houston, DC, and so on, and so on. Totti would in all likelihood run rampant on MLS; he could be the league's next Thierry Henry.

The hypothetical idea of him signing with New England, however, comes with a myriad of questions--questions such as: Could signing Totti prompt the New England brass to buy more talent to surround him with? Could Totti be the type of player that could help the Revolution, by virtue of buzz and ticket/merchandise sales alone, secure a Soccer Specific Stadium deal? Would Totti even want to play on artificial turf? Would it be weird for someone as young and inexperienced (at coaching) as Jay Heaps to coach a world-class star of the same age? Indeed, the questions are plentiful.

Is it even somewhat likely that the Revs could lure Totti to Foxboro? No, probably not. But it's fun to daydream about, because it really would probably be the best thing to ever happen to the New England Revolution.