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Revolution 2-0 Dynamo: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution took down the Eastern Conference-contending Houston Dynamo on Saturday night in a match marred by controversy, but generally well-played by the Revs. Steve, Corey, and Abram submitted ratings this week.

Scott Halleran

Bobby Shuttleworth: Average Rating - 7.17 (Steve 7, Corey 7.5, Abram 7)

Steve: Made good saves, none better than the reaction on Ching. Solid all night...Corey: Excellent match from Bobby. Came out well on corners with confidence and poise. Made a couple stellar saves. Excellent match...Abram: Considered going higher, but was a bit weak off the line early on and was bailed out by Jose twice. Still what a great season so far from a guy I was questioning last year.

Darrius Barnes: Average Rating - 5.83 (Steve 5, Corey 6.5, Abram 6)

Steve: Solid but unspectacular, offered little going forward but gave up little defensively...Corey: I think Barnes played very well. Had the pace to keep up with Houston's wing attack and was very disciplined in 1v1 situations especially in and around the penalty area. Might even deserve another start...Abram: Just an all-around solid, if not spectacular performance. Nice to have him as our backline, jack-knife of all trades.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 7.5 (Steve 6.5, Corey 8, Abram 8)

Steve: Another great shift, and a great choice as captain...Corey: A rock as always. Kept everyone on the same page. Cool and composed throughout. Shut down Bruin all game...Abram: What can you say? Was anyone surprised when he was made the captain?

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 6.33 (Steve 7, Corey 7, Abram 5)

Steve: Great JoGo performances are blinding people to Macca's good form. He was the best passing defender on the pitch and was everywhere defensively...Corey: Shaky at times but overall a very nice outing for McCarthy. Showing great confidence in his role...Abram: Is he showing why he was our Defender of the Year last season? Not really. Is he capable of a good shift? Yes. Will it be a difficult choice to replace him with AJ when Soares is healthy again? I'm not sure.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 5.67 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Decent going forward, rock-solid in defense...Corey: Probably our weakest link along the backline, mostly on the attack where he squandered a few chances. Why are you shooting the ball when there's other open teammates around the area, bro?...Abram: Did well getting into the attack, stayed solid all night. I didn't notice him most of the night, which is a compliment.

Clyde Simms: Average Rating - 7.5 (Steve 7.5, Corey 8, Abram 7)

Steve: 91% passing accuracy, an assist, 8 recoveries, and an excellent game overall...Corey: Beautiful game from Simms. I questioned his inclusion in the XI at first, but I can see now that he was the perfect man for the job. Pacey and involved, Clyde made a case to be back in the starting XI for Jay Heaps. Oh and great assist on the goal. Who knew he could do that!...Abram: Vintage Simms from last year. You're not getting an assist from him every day, but he was calm, cool and just vintage Clyde.

Ryan Guy: Average Rating - 5.33 (Steve 5, Corey 6, Abram 5)

Steve: Was looking solid until his injury. Can't really judge him further...Corey: Somewhat of an off night it seemed, and unfortunately it got cut short due to a calf injury. Hoping he won't spend too much time on the sidelines...Abram: Not sure what to judge him on. Good in his short-shift. Hopefully, the injury is not serious as his insertion into the lineup has gone with the team's improved performances.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 8 (Steve 8, Corey 8, Abram 8)

Steve: Attempted 68 passes, completed over 91% of them, had 10 recoveries, and nearly had a goal or two. He took the extra space of a short-handed game and absolutely ran with it. If he scored I'd have given him a 10...Corey: If Diego didnt play so well, he might be my MOTM. Was tirelessly involved in just about every attack the revs had. Showed how dangerous he can be when teams forget about him and give him a little room to find spaces and create chances. Was robbed of probably two goals, once by the post and once by Farrell....Abram: Starting to show sparks of what I loved about him last season. Creative, precise passes. And may have had a goal off a blast from distance that only the crossbar saved. Hopefully more of this will lead to his confidence growing. Probably his best game this year.

Juan Toja: Average Rating - 5.83 (Steve 6, Corey 6, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Passing was crisp, still a slightly disjointed performance, but he was involved in all the best attacks...Corey: Still don't think he really belongs in the starting XI and maybe not even on this team. Looks slow at times and too often tries to do it all himself. He rubs me the wrong way and I was happy to see him come off. But overall, I guess he had a fine game...Abram: Bugs me, a lot, but was not that poor. Defensively still a liability.

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 8.33 (Steve 8, Corey 9, Abram 8)

Steve: Much more involved than usual, good passing numbers, and of course, the goal. His instincts are just incredible...Corey: There's no stopping this kid right now. He is on pace for a really amazing season if he can keep this up. Literally ran around in a 20-30 yard circle before coming back for the goal. So sneaky, so clinical...Abram: Are we living in a world where Diego is legitimately a Revs' MVP candidate? Time to lay to rest the Biebergundez references and start with the Diego Timberlake ones, as his teen idol status is making way to some authentically great performances.

Dimitry Imbongo: Average Rating - 5 (Steve 4, Corey 6, Abram 5)

Steve: People talk about how he bullied the defense, and they're right, but I think of how he wasted three or four great chances by struggling to even get a shot off...Corey: I'm thinking Jay asked him to just go out there and be a bully, and that's just what he did. Took Houston's starting CB's out of the game (literally) even if it cost him his own red card, which he probably shouldnt have got. He was being a jerk out there, but it's nice to have one of those on our team for once. I, for one, applaud his efforts...Abram: Better suited for the 4-1-5-1 than Jerry. A lot quicker than I had expected. He was basically was a poor-man's Steven Lenhart getting into it with Houston defenders. That said, the red card brings his rating down.

Juan Agudelo (sub): Average Rating - 6.67 (Steve 5.5, Corey 7.5, Abram 7)

Steve: Did well, made good runs, but was obviously not 100% fit. Excellent work on the own-goal, though, perhaps deserves full credit for that...Corey: Helllooooooo Juan! Great job being involved. Clearly still working on getting used to his new teammates and definitely not 100% game fit yet, but he put in a sweet shift and has me super excited to see more out of him this season...Abram: Before we get overly excited, let's remember Jerry scored on his debut, too. That said he brought a level into the attack that we had not seen in a while probably should get credit for the Rico Clark own goal, but won't. Let's see what he does in his next few games before appointing him our newest savior.

Scott Caldwell (sub): Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 5, Corey 6.5, Abram 5)

Steve: Clean and simple passing, good defensively, did well overall to help secure the win...Corey: A good introduction into the game. Plays well pairing with Clyde and Lee. Didn't do anything spectacular, but handled all the little, simple stuff. Good role for him...Abram: Smart substitution and played well. Another of those "I didn't really notice him, in a good way" scores.

Chris Tierney (sub): Average Rating - 6 (Steve 5, Corey 7, Abram 6)

Steve: Ran hard, looked good on the break, instrumental in the own-goal though he actually could have done better with Agudelo's ball. Also misplaced 3 out of 4 total passes, and was dispossessed 3 times in just 15 minutes. Needs to be cleaner...Corey: Always thought he played better at LM, and he did in this game. Credit to Jay for making a smart substitution. Tierney was just what the revs needed to stretch the Dynamo and help get his team wide on the counter attack. Instrumental in the second goal. If Guy's injury is serious, I propose Tierney getting another start in his spot on the left wing...Abram: Better on the wing. I always say that. Proved it again today.