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Shots Have Been Fired, But the Battle for Sainey Nyassi is Just Beginning

Sainey Nyassi was on the 18. However, the substitution of Dimitry Imbongo into the Philadelphia game, and the team re-calling Bilal Duckett from Rochester are making one thing clear: the battle for the soul of Sainey is not yet over.

It is no longer opposition that is pulling down Sainey Nyassi, now the problem seems to be internal
It is no longer opposition that is pulling down Sainey Nyassi, now the problem seems to be internal
Jim Rogash

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

-Ronald Reagan

We are close. Perhaps closer than we have been in nearly a season, but the hard fought battle for the freedom of Sainey Nyassi is upon us. After some fearless - Pulitizer Prize-caliber, if I do say so myself - journalism by us, the great warlord Jay Heaps finally allowed Nyassi a place in the game day 18.

The light shone down on the face of Nyassi, and a semblance of justice was restored to the world. It was the return of a quick winger to a team lacking both pace and width. The bells began ringing from mountain tops from Auburn, Massachusetts to Auburn, Alabama. However, though the first battle in the war was hard fought, it hasn't necessarily been won.

This was made clear in the game when Jay Heaps, in an obvious attempt to spite the good folks at The Bent Musket, decided to send Dimitry Imbongo and Scott Caldwell into the game. It was an Idi Amin-like tactic: show us the prisoner so that we know he is alive, and then immediately lock him back away. This, my good friends, was the proverbial shot fired across the bow. Like many a power-crazy dictator before him, Heaps was mocking the press.

And despite our work, reason, and investigative journalism, Nyassi is still to be seen in a game since July 18, 2012. Further exacerbating the plight of Nyassi is the rash of injuries and suspensions taking a toll on the New England Revolution's roster. In fact, the organization just re-called Bilal Duckett from Rochester. Odd that Heaps, a former wing-back, has called up yet another wing-back, when Nyassi could potentially be converted to play that same position. Could Heaps be fearing that Nyassi could hurt his own legacy? Is Heaps a position-ist? Is there something much more nefarious happening within the closed practice sessions in Foxboro?

If there is justice, Nyassi will make the 18 for the Portland game. In fact, if there is justice, he will probably play in said game. Still, the fact remains that the Revolution have a perfect record when Sainey Nyassi has been featured on the game-day 18 in the 2013 season, a feat that may not have even happened if not for the Peabody Award-level journalism of The Bent Musket. Yet the fight goes on. The fight for justice. The fight for freedom. The fight for the sovereignty of Sainey from the reserves.

Time will tell the ultimate fate, but we stand with Sainey Nyassi, despite mounting evidence that it may be for nothing.