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Revolution to enter 100th Annual U.S. Open Cup

The Revs are set to participate in the 100th U.S. Open cup against either their affiliate club, the Rochester Rhinos, or against PDL underdogs GPS Portland Phoenix


The Revs will begin play in the 100th annual U.S. Open Cup, in the third round bracket against the winner of GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL) vs. The Revolution's USL PRO associate, the Rochester Rhinos. The match between the two lower league teams will be played on Tuesday, May 21, in Rochester, NY.

The location of the Revs match would change in correlation with the winner of the second round match-up: If the Phoenix are to win the game, The Revs would then play them on Tuesday, May 28, at Harvard University. If the Rhinos, the more favored team, win, then the Revs would have to travel to Rochester to face them. These locations were selected randomly by U.S soccer officials.

The Revolution, having a record of 11 wins, 10 losses and 4 draws in previous Open Cup matches are also the 2007 champions and with the way the regular season has gone, are looking to repeat the 2007 exploits. With the addition of Agudelo and the return of many injured players, the Revs have a great chance of making a deep run in the tournament and restoring faith in a despaired fan base.

The U.S. Open cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious domestic cup competitions in the world and has more often than not, been the stage for the rise of many U.S soccer stars including Landon Donovan, Robbie Rogers and Herculez Gomez.