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Revolution 1-1 Red Bulls: Highlights and Postgame Quotes

The Revolution and the Red Bulls played to a 1-1 draw on Saturday night. Check out the highlights and hear what the coaches and several players from both teams had to say about the match, including quotes from Dimitry Imbongo that were not in the team's official quotes release.


I'm disappointed to not get the three points tonight. I think we did enough. We gave up one shot. Disappointing to give up the goal the way we did, right after we scored. We didn't have any time to regroup. It was a ,omentary loss of concentration and boom they score. That kills us. Overall, there were things we did well. I thought the second half was much better than our first half. The first half you are playing New York, they are playing really good system they've got good players. I think Tim Cahill is just showing how good he is. They're a confident team right now. We weathered that storm and in the second half I thought we took it to them. (We) had our chances. The little man Diego (Fagundez) had a heck of a night. You are starting to see him (into) a two-way player. He's a good player.

Tactically we switched Ryan (Guy) and Diego (Fagundez) a little bit to offset them a little bit. I thought Dimitry (Imbongo) had a pretty good game, as well, our center forward. We asked a lot of him to be there as a young kid as well. He battled. I think as the game went on (he) created a little more space, a little bit more havoc between the two center backs. Unfortunately, I think they had tired legs we had tired legs and I think it took us a little while to get settled in the second half. Once we had possession we started to create more. We need to keep the ball. You noticed we tried to keep it a little more tonight rather than play too many long balls.

I don't think it's (our) mentality. I think it's concentration. Those situations where you score goals, you are elated and tired. I hate celebrations; I like one or two guys to celebrate. If you ever go back and watch my film, I didn't run past half field, we tried to get back and defend. That's a defender's time to gather his breath. After you score goals, you have to turn on. It was poor.

He's hungry ... I work a lot with Diego (Fagundez). He's been in and out of our lineup and I'm pushing him for more and more. I think you are seeing him become a more complete player, two-way. I think the goals are going to come because of how he was creating. I don't know if you know he's the one who setup that chance - the one (Luis) Robles saved. He's the one who played it wide then got underneath got it back then got in the box. He's going to create more by being more involved in the offense, I like that about Diego. His awareness tactically that's natural, but it's his two-way play that shows me he is ready for the next level.

We are trying to see how deep we are. Jerry's (Bengtson) pressing, obviously. He is trying to get a goal. He knows that. I thought it was a good time to give Dimi (Imbongo) an opportunity, he's worked hard, and he's done well in his minutes. With two games back to back like this you've got to manage bodies. You ask all week, they want time they want to get on the field. So when you give them an opportunity and a guy like Dimi takes it, you are excited about it. I thought he did a nice job. He held the ball up, he battled (Markus) Holgersson and quite frankly, I thought he had a good chance to score that goal and the goalie made another save.

You have to look at each kind of half a little different. Actually, I thought we had it better against Salt Lake. I thought the first 10 minutes was really good against Salt Lake then we fell off in the half. In the first half in this game I credit New York more with what they were doing tactically. I think they were sharp; they were limiting what we were trying to do. So once we were able to talk a little bit more at halftime, I thought tactically we made a little change on where Lee (Nguyen) was receiving the ball. That was one thing we saw starting to work and push (Chris) Tierney a little higher to allow that gap underneath for Tierney. Halftime wasn't so much yelling and screaming, as sometimes there is, but it was more tactically this half to really find a way to get in between.


It was a good ball up high from Lee (Nguyen) and I just tried to smack it low and hard across the face and Diego (Fagundez) did a great job. It looked to me like it blasted off (Luis) Robles. Not sure he could do too much about it. Just an unlucky break, I thought that was going to be it. I felt we were pushing there at the end. I thought we had three there, but it wasn't to be.

Jay (Heaps) encourages us full backs to push on and try to get balls in the box. The more chances you get the ball whipping around the goal front, the more likely it is to get balls in the net. I think we just have to make a commitment to lay it on the line a little bit more in the box, bang bodies and just get that first one in.

It seemed like a little breakdown (on New York's goal). I don't remember the play too well. I'll have to look at it again. We always stress, first five after either the half, the start of the game or scoring a goal and obviously we didn't do a good enough job taking care of those five minutes.

Diego (Fagundez's) surprisingly crafty in terms of finding the right spot. He's obviously one of the smallest players on the field, but he's got great instincts. He's always on the move in the box, which all good goal scorers are ... His positioning is great. You see him getting in those little pockets he got in, between their back four and their midfield. When Diego is on he's tough to defend. When he's playing like he did tonight, we got to keep getting the ball in good spots.

It's one point from two at home (this week), which we all know isn't what we were shooting for. You just got to put it behind you in this league. The next game comes quickly. We'll obviously look over what we've done well and what we haven't and make the necessary adjustments and look to take three on the road next week.


I saw that no one was on the keeper and we weren't doing that in the last couple corners so I decided to go on the keeper and see what they were going to do. They didn't have anyone marked on me and Chris (Tierney) played a good ball right to me and I had to kind of do a side-volley kind of thing. Then when they stopped it on the line, I was going to blast in it but I saw an open spot I could just place it in.

Yes, (Luis Robles) even told me that it was just a reaction shot and it was just a good save by him (in the 80th minute). Nothing I could have done.

Well, Lee (Nguyen) carried the ball a lot so I was just trying to get the spaces to open up for him to give me the ball and for me to attack so every time I saw a couple spaces, I would try sneaking in there and try to turn and go at people.

I really couldn't tell you what happened (on New York's goal). I think we just turned off for a second when we should have been turned on right there. So, next time we have to keep turned on and that won't happen.

As soon as that ball went to Ryan (Guy), I did my little run up around and Ryan just played a little hard ball but, that's the only way that I would have had it so I just put my foot on it thinking I could get it to the goal but it went over. It was just a good pass by Ryan, just need to be clinical for me.

It doesn't really matter. I'll play in either one. Today I felt very comfortable playing on the left side because I could cut into my right and take shots. But, if I play on the [right], I just try coming in getting open spots.

I just came with an energy to come play and show that I should be starting. I'm going to be here every game proving and getting better and better and just take it from there.

Defending, I just have to do a little bit extra than when you are playing up top. But, when you have good defenders like Andrew (Farrell) or Chris Tierney that can help you out, it makes it a lot easier for me when I have to defend. They will tell me to come back, but most the time I'm attacking wide midfielder so I have to attack. But, like I said, when they need help defending, they'll call me up.

I knew as soon as I signed that (new) contract, I needed to step up my level. So every training session I came to prove that I wanted to be on the team and be starting.


Yeah, I feel good. It's my first time with the starting eleven. It was a good game tonight. Everybody worked hard. I am a little bit happy because we played good. We didn't take the three points, right? This is why, a little bit, I get not happy about my game, because I want to score. Everybody worked hard, and I want to give the three points to my teammates. And I'm just angry for myself.

Jay wanted for me, on the field, to take the ball, to hold the ball, to play it back, and to try to score. Because we need, when we play with one striker, we need somebody when they have the ball, to play it back and make the run into the box. That's what Jay wanted me to do, that's what I did tonight. I am a little bit disappointed that I did not score tonight.

I did one mistake, because I went to my left foot. I wanted to go to my right foot, but I saw the defender go to the right side, that's why I went to my left foot, and shot with my left. Next time I want to be a little bit quicker and go to my right foot to score a goal.

I feel very good, I feel happy, because I have a lot of people - I have Saer and Jose, they speak French, I have Sainey who I understand very good - I understand everybody on the team. I feel good here. I want to stay, I want to give my best for the team and for myself.


It's a little backwards my thought process right now because usually I feel like the way that we played we deserved to win the game tonight, but I'm happy with the result because it showed they followed exactly how we wanted to play from the beginning. It was a pleasure to see in the first half. We had many opportunities to win the game, but at the end of the day the effort and the willingness to follow what we wanted to do was spot on and I'm very happy.

The home team is always going to be pushing a little bit when it is either tied or they are down a goal. Of course and that's something that you have to accept to a certain extent, but you also have to find ways to get possession yourself, and I was okay with giving them possession by midfield or behind. It's not going to hurt us there, but they were getting into a little bit of pockets here and there, we had some tired legs, but they were moving very well and they were shutting things down so I have nothing to complain about right now.

(They're) Getting more used to how I want them to play. It was a new thing when preseason started. New players getting used to each other and the commitment from them to follow the game plan, and defensively we've been very sound. I'm not just talking about the defenders in the back, I'm talking about the team as a unit defending. It has been nice to watch so far it's a long season anything can happen.

I think Andre (Akpan) did what we expected him to do; a big strong presence up front, won a lot of head balls which isn't easy against a guy like (Stephen) McCarthy, held the ball up well for us, and helped out with (Fabian) Espindola with the workload. They both split the workload down the middle defensively and it was effective for a large part of the game.

I'm very happy (with the success), of course. Like I said before, I'm not disappointed because we could have won the game tonight, and most coaches would be disappointed in that fact, but you know we haven't won here in 11 years. We didn't lose so a point on the road is very important and it's really what at the end of the day it's what you hope for. We could have taken three, but we'll take one.


Great result for us away from home. We'd won four in a row so it was important to not lose today. And we come in and got a result so really happy.

All I remember is Andre Akpan with the ball on the right and I made a run in and he found me. And then I just hit it low and hard, it went in, hit the back of the net. One-one.

It's massive, we just want to keep the run going as long as we can and we got LA (Galaxy) next week so, same again.

The manager wants us to all work hard and pitch in as a team and all know our role. That's the main reason (we're succeeding right now).


(My first start) was great. Obviously, since this trade, I haven't gotten a ton of time yet, so it was good to get on the field for 90 minutes. Real happy with the result. I think we probably could have snuck one in there and gotten the win, but we keep the undefeated streak going, so it was a good win.

Me and Kosuke (Kimura) did a little one-two, and I don't know if they fell asleep for a little bit, but I just found Lloyd (Sam) and made a good little run in the box and he finished low and well to the far-post.

[We have a] Good locker room. Great guys. Good football. I'm glad to be here.