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Revolution 2-0 Union: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution scored a comprehensive victory on Saturday night over the Philadelphia Union, taking their I-95 rivals to task by a score of 2-0. Steve, Corey, Matty, and Abram submitted player ratings this week, and they're quite high. Maybe the win is giving them rose-colored glasses? Or maybe - just maybe - it was that good a performance.


Bobby Shuttleworth: Average Rating - 7.75 (Steve 8, Corey 7.5, Matty 8, Abram 7.5)

Steve: Just about as complete a performance as you can expect. Distribution surprisingly good, four saves, great off his line, bailed the team out when needed...Corey: That's it, I'm convinced. He's the guy. If he can play like last night every night, he's in for a stellar season...Matty: In my opinion, quite possibly his best performance. Several key saves, and bailed out a stretched defense far too many times than I'm comfortable with...Abram: An early save kept the team from having to push. Off his line numerous times, and a huge save on Jack Mac late in the game to keep a clean sheet. Great performance from Bobby.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5 (Steve 6, Corey 5, Matty 5, Abram 4)

Steve: Decent service, but an excellent defensive night lost in the shuffle. 5 recoveries, 6 clearances, and 3 interceptions...Corey: Pretty pedestrian night but looks more comfortable in general. Service looking better...Matty: Vintage Tierney. Good service to his attackers, less than stellar recovery speed...Abram: Still beaten for speed a lot. Service was good. Pretty much your typical Tierney performance.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 8.125 (Steve 8, Corey 9, Matty 7.5, Abram 8)

Steve: Stats speak for themselves; 78% passing, 3 blocked shots, 6 interceptions, 14 clearances, 1 blocked shot, 7 recoveries...Corey: - thats right, he's a 9 in my book. He continues to impress me. I LOVE this dude. Hope we can extend that loan deal to something more permanent...Matty: Beast mode. Physical presence, great at reading the game...Abram: Best player on the pitch for either side. Took Casey on head-to-head, huge blocks, and almost a goal. He is the key to this backlines' turn around.

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 6.5 (Steve 7, Corey 6.5, Matty 6.5, Abram 6)

Steve: Overshadowed by JoGo, but had a stellar night. 85% passing, 9 recoveries, matched the Philly offense step for step, and nearly had a goal...Corey: Better than I expected. Came out into the midfield to break up passes consistently. Had a tall order and he matched it. Good night...Matty: Full week of training knowing he was probably going to start definitely helped him look more comfortable. Good second game...Abram: Great improvement over last week. Dangerous on set pieces, kept pace with McInerney for most of the game. Was beaten over the top a few times. Now I remember why he was Revs Defender of the Year.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 5.875 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6.5, Matty 6, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Some positioning errors, wants to dribble a little too much, but his passing was accurate and he was mostly sound defensively...Corey: Maybe not the best outing, but still showing that he can ball with the best in MLS. It will be a huge blow if we have to lose him for an extended amount of time...Matty: I'm not asking too much from him offensively, and his defending was certainly better and more disciplined this week...Abram: Very good defensively, not so great going forward tonight. We need width from our backs and he only provided it minimally. That said, I hope his injury is not anything more than a week or two of missed games.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 7.875 (Steve 8, Corey 8.5, Matty 8, Abram 7)

Steve: Once he settled into his role, he was unstoppable. Goal, assist, 86% passing, all indicators of a stellar evening...Corey: There's that confident attacker that's been MIA so far this season. Amazing what a shape/personnel shift can do for a player like him. More please...Matty: A goal, an assist, and that edgy part to his game was back. He was attacking and taking the ball AT people again, and that's a great sight...Abram: Great game from Lee. Much closer to what is expected out of him, not just the goal either, great passing and combinations with Rowe, much harder to knock off the ball, and even had some defensive bite. Much tougher is much better.

Kalifa Cisse: Average Rating - 6.875 (Steve 6, Corey 8, Matty 7, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Decent passing, stood up well defensively and made the midfield his. 7 recoveries is a good night for anybody, but would like to see him show for the ball deep more often...Corey: Once again dominant in the midfield. Showing a good rapport with the CB's, especially JoGo. Can play touchline to touchline or box to box. What a great asset to this squad...Matty: I really like this guy's game. He's a smaller version of Patrick Vieira. Strong, aggressive, and not afraid to go forward. Just gotta stay composed...Abram: Another strong outing. Probably the second best addition for the team (after Jose).

Kelyn Rowe: Average Rating - 7.625 (Steve 7, Corey 8.5, Matty 7.5, Abram 7.5)

Steve: The good elements of his game were obvious, move to the middle suits him. Gotta have the finishing, though, and still prone to lose the ball on the dribble...Corey: I can't sing his praises enough. Simply wonderful. The move centrally was EXACTLY what we needed (thanks for listening, Jay). I hope to see more of the same...Matty: SO SO good in the center of the field...Abram: The move to the center was called for all week. He moved there and was great. If he had not missed the early sitter, it would easily be an 8 performance. Moved the ball great for his assist, dribbled at defenders, took chances from distance, everything I want out of Kelyn (except for the missed sitter).

Ryan Guy: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5, Corey 6, Matty 6, Abram 6)

Steve: Pedestrian night statistically, in fact his passing was downright bad, but the width he added was essential. Also had 4 interceptions and 2 recoveries on that side...Corey: Not heavily involved, but involved where it counted. His presence allowed Nguyen to be freer to float in and out centrally and get in good positions. Guy leads by example out on the pitch and makes everyone better for it...Matty: Brought the speed and width to the team that they truly lacked. Nice performance...Abram: What a big difference maker Guy made. Decent passing, decent defense, he is a great role-player for the team. I'm not sure he's a full-time starter, but he showed why he has a spot tonight.

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 6.625 (Steve 7, Corey 6.5, Matty 6.5, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Scoring is the hardest thing to do in this game, and he did it. Lost out on too many dribbles, but adds danger that other players just can't replicate...Corey: so much more effective out wide. Interplay with midfielders and Farrell was on point. Got into good positions. Bravo...Matty: This is what we need more of fro Diego. Uses speed in right spots, finds little niches in the defense, and creates havoc. Great stuff, more please...Abram: This is what I want out of Diego, a pest to the defense and offense. Never gave up on the ball. Constant movement. Add in the goal and - like Kelyn - the taking defenders on dribbling, and he had a solid, solid game.

Jerry Bengtson: Average Rating - 4.125 (Steve 5, Corey 4, Matty 4, Abram 3.5)

Steve: Watching the game again, he made some intelligent and dangerous runs and used his head well, but his passing was poor. Worryingly, it looks almost like the team is playing around him instead of with him...Corey: Grab some wood, dude. This squad's about to move on without you...Matty: I'm almost done defending him. This was the team's best offensive performance of 2013 and he had almost nothing to do with it...Abram: Nope. No excuses. Bench him. Horrible touch. Horrible finishing. Looked better after Diego's goal, but was terrible for the 60 minutes prior. Maybe trying to do too much? Right now he's useless. I'm going to hate when he scores his next Honduran double-hat-trick.

Saer Sene (sub): Average Rating - 6 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6.5, Matty 6, Abram 6)

Steve: Dangerous, hungry, combining well with his teammates, will be terrifying when fully fit...Corey: He's getting there. Doesn't have the same wheels yet, but I'm confident they'll be back. Great shots on goal, including of course the one that led to the Nguyen goal...Matty: Seriously man, get 100% health already. We need you...Abram: Not sure how close he is to starting, but I hope to see him getting close to 90 mid-May. The guy makes the team instantly better. Tries things.

Dmitriy Imbongo (sub): Average Rating - 4.875 (Steve 5, Corey 5.5, Matty 5, Abram 4)

Steve: Finish that one-on-one, pal. Otherwise, did what was needed of him and actually played well with Sene. Surprising stat of the night? He was the best passer among Revolution strikers...Corey: Actually really liked what I saw from him. Kinda want to see more. Am I crazy?...Matty: Perfect situation for Imbongo to come into with a 2-0 lead that allowed him to just run his legs off and be that physical pest. That's his game, for now...Abram: I completely agreed with taking Bengtson off in favor of Dimitry. Imbongo brought a big bruiser into the game, granted after Farrell's injury he was one-on-one with MacMath and did nothing with it, but it was a sub that needed to be made.

Scott Caldwell (sub): Average Rating - N/A