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Revolution vs. Union 2013: Live Thread for Game Two

The Revolution are set to take the field against the Philadelphia Union as they attempt to use some home field advantage to turn around their poor fortunes this season.


This is not the game the New England Revolution really needed right now. Ideally, a team coming off a complete disaster of a performance gets a tasty match-up the next week and vents all of their frustrations on said team. The Philadelphia Union are most certainly not that team.

Then again - and perhaps this is just the optimist in me talking - maybe a difficult match-up like this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Maybe last week's shellacking has awakened some kind of competitive fire and spirit in the Revolution players, and they're chomping at the bit to get out on the pitch and do some serious damage. We've certainly seen stranger things happen, right?

Either way, there are some long odds against the Revs. As mentioned previously, New England is 0-5-3 all-time against Philly, with a 0-2-1 mark at home. In fact, they've only scored one home goal against Philly in three games, while giving up five. This could be a long night.

Also notable: this is the New England Revolution's Autism Awareness match. The performer for today's national anthem will be Gianna Hitsos, an Autism awareness advocate, and tables have been set up around the stadium providing information for the charity Autism Speaks. A representative of the charity will also serve as the honorary captain for today's match.

Get the discussion going in the comments section, and let's all enjoy the long night together.