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Revolution vs. Red Bulls 2013: Live Game Thread

The Revolution will take the field at Red Bull Arena and face the Red Bulls this evening. Pre-match ceremonies honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy are planned, though they'll be a tough act to follow after this evening's Red Sox game.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Time for the New England Revolution to try and move on from this week's tragic events. The opponents for tonight's emotional match will be the New York Red Bulls, another club that is no stranger to dealing with tragedy in its home community.

In soccer terms, the Revs are just looking for a goal. Seriously, while a 0-0 draw would serve the team's purposes just fine (two points from a tough two-game road trip is nothing to sneeze at), I think I'd be happier with a loss that features a goal and some positive offense. Anything to demonstrate that somebody outside of the back four knows how to play the game of soccer.

New York's defense isn't too great, so this is the time to take advantage. They've conceded the second-most goals in MLS (though they've also played the most games).

Per usual, join us in the comment section below as we discuss all the action while it unfolds.