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Revolution Players and Staff React to the Boston Marathon Bombings

Scenes of the Boston Marathon flashed across television screens throughout the country, but not for its usually joyous images of endurance and victory. There was a much sadder tone as the year-old tradition was tarnished by cowards. The reaction was swift and emotional from everyone, including the staff and players of the Revs.


I grew up in Boston. I worked in Boston. My family is still in Boston. Today, more than anything else, I wish I were back in Boston. I am not.

The New England Revolution are part of the Boston community even if they do not hold the footprint of the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, or Patriots. Today, as tragedy struck the Boston Marathon, many of the players were close by. Saer Sene was in a building blocks away. Chad Barrett's sister was running in it.

We at The Bent Musket are scattered, not just in Boston and New England, throughout the country. So while some of us are much further from this awful disaster, we all stand as Bostonians today. We send encouragement and prayers to anyone affected by this act, and we take solace in the fact that the city will ultimately gain back its footing and be stronger than ever.

The reaction of this terrorist attack - and it is a terrorist attack regardless of who is responsible - was well-documented on national news, local Boston news, and even the local news station down in Alabama where I am and Florida where Matty is. The story is national. It is not just a story of tragedy. It is also a story of resilience. It is a story of strength. It is a human story.

When we think of Patriot's Day and the Boston Marathon we think of endurance and victory. Today, it was different. A new image of what should be a joyous event has now been seared into our collective memories. Several Revolution players and staff reacted to this on Twitter, and below we bring you their responses to this adversity. The Bent Musket stands with you, Boston. God speed.