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Faith In The Wizard

The Revolution are playing offense like they're afraid scoring too much would hurt someone's feelings. When a team is in a funk like that, it needs to place its faith in the players that can score and create like no one else. The Revolution must place their hopes and dreams in the left foot of Juan Toja.


As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Life is for the bold! Basically, to paraphrase, it's time to trust in Juan Toja.

Since the strikers have seemingly gone on a...strike against goals and the wins they bring, contribution from midfield is sorely needed. It's time we put our faith in the mullet-sporting Colombian with shaky knees.

The defense, for all of their individual weaknesses (though Farrell has been a handsome, comfortable-on-the-ball surprise) has only conceded three goals in the first four games, which is highly respectable. There have also been two clean sheets during this time so the keeper issue, for the time being, is a non-issue.

What better time than now to put all of our eggs in one basket and believe that Toja can fix - even for a limited time - the issues in the midfield and forward line. After a disappointing first year of five games (starting none), no goals, and just 148 minutes totaled with only three shots on goal, all while battling knee stiffness, he has already doubled the amount of shots in just four games.

Though he's been off-target with most of his shots, there is evidence to suggest that there is a return to form on the horizon for our handsome, mulleted midfielder.

We all are well aware of the quote "form is temporary, but class is permanent," so while his shots on target stat is nothing to write home to any family member about (not even the drunk uncle), the fact that he's taking initiative and looks healthy, quick and willing are sure signs that we might be rewarded with a 2007-style version of the left-footed wizard.

Or maybe not. But with the Revs having only scored one goal in four games, it might be time to release the reins on the midfielder. Schellas Hyndman, in an interview before the match last Saturday noted that when he watched Toja during his time in Europe, he noticed that he was a more mature player who now drops back more into the midfield, a thing that the Revs can't afford in these uncertain times of goal drought.

It would be wise, risky, but necessary to encourage the player to venture more into the attacking third than to come back and help clean up. At least until the strikers wake up from their deep slumber.

This should no longer be the time for caution. Though it has worked in the settling of the defense, the attack clearly needs some injection of spirit. It needs more magic, more signs of a left-footed player with quick feet and wonderful tricks in the attacking third trying to unlock defenses.

The team needs Toja to break out of his shell and deliver the goals and assists that he not only has the potential to deliver, but has proven before that he can deliver. I, for one, believe that he surely will, given the freedom.

So while some my be cautious about putting their trust in a player who, at one stage in his career, lamented that MLS was not his goal, I am willing to give him the faith required for a seemingly arduous task. Believe in Toja!