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Revs vs. KC Halftime Update: 0-0 Snoozer Thus Far

Not much to write home about in this one so far. Hopefully the game can find some footing after the halftime break.


It's halftime at Gillette Stadium and both teams have struggled to get ahead of the other. The wind is blowing and the elbows are swinging, providing the Foxboro faithful with a raucous, chippy first half but with only a handful of chances for the two clubs.

The first clear chance came for Sporting Kansas City in the 19th minute when a corner kick found its way into the Revs' penalty area, and was rebounded within the 6-yard box. CJ Sapong got a good hit on it, but it ricocheted off Clyde Simms and hit the crossbar. The ball was eventually cleared out of the box by the Revolution defense.

The Revs had a few chances themselves, a couple of which seemed well on their way to shots on goal by Juan Toja, but he was whistled offside for both. and despite a handful of corner kicks, the Revolution has been unable to convert any into a solid chance.

With neither sides being able to really settle or find a rhythm, Jay Heaps and Peter Vermes are both likely to try to light a fire under their respective sides during the break. Will it amount to at least a more entertaining 2nd half? I sure hope so.