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Andrew Farrell selects The Bent Musket top commenter Chris Brown's suggested Twitter handle

New England Revolution number-one pick Andrew Farrell ran a fan contest to determine what his new Twitter handle (originally @louisville05) would be now that he was with the Revs. The Bent Musket's longtime reader and 2012 top-commenter Christopher Brown (cbrown4747) won the contest with his suggestion, @2Fast2Farrell.

New England Revolution number-one pick and new defender Andrew Farrell has a new twitter handle! His original handle, @louisville05, wasn't really appropriate anymore; instead of doing the sensible thing and picking the new handle himself, Farrell did the unthinkable and opened it to fan suggestions.

"It's all right, it's just a Twitter handle," he said of the idea. "I'm excited to pick the new handle and see who the lucky fan is. It should be fun. You get here, and you want to focus on soccer, but that's something that can can get your mind off of it after practice."

Several real good names were proposed, including @BrickWallFarrellNE and @Big_Dish_2. However, the winner had to be something well-crafted. It had to have style, but it also had to have some kind of meaning that might be apparent to the average fan.

In swooped cbrown4747 with the greatest suggestion of all. Andrew Farrell went on video and revealed that he selected @2Fast2Farrell, giving Christopher a signed ball and instant notoriety in the process. Congratulations, Chris, you made The Bent Musket proud!