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Revs Players React to the Playoff Loss, Reflect on Season

The New England Revolution went into the belly of the beast. The club as a whole just wasn't enough to overcome the pressure as they fell 4-3 on aggregate. The end of a season is a mess of emotions, let's be happy there's social media to give us a window into the players minds.

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In previous years as the the playoffs faded from view the typical reaction from the fan base would be described as despair, apathy and hopelessness.  This year a noticeable shift in the locker room culture, chemistry and performance become evident as the 2013 MLS season came to a close.

A different tone is noticeable among the players themselves.  Take a look at the slideshow below to see how the New England Revolution players reacted after last night's gutting loss.

New England Proud.

These reactions display a maturing young club who are proud and appreciative of what they created this year.  It's been said around the league by all the pundits that this is a high potential core of young, capable players.  Anchored by veterans leaders like Matt Reis and captained by a professional like Jose Goncalves there is no reason to not believe the Revs will build on this year in 2014 and return to the MLS Playoffs.  Rookie Andrew Farrell played 91% of the minutes in the regular season while Rookie Scott Caldwell played 71%.  "Veterans" like Diego Fagundez and Kelyn Rowe were around 80% further indicating who's doing the heavy lifting on this club.  These guys are clocking large amount of experience at a young age.  It's like you paying into your retirement account in  your teenage years, hopefully we don't have to wait as long to see the returns.

We Who Will Attack?

Through all of the mess of emotions of last night, do Revs fans notice that this the last time they will likely see Juan Agudelo and probably Jerry Bengtson in a Revs kit?  With Sene nursing injury once again, is the striker role Charlie Davies to fill?  Are Chad Barrett and Dimitry Imbongo contenders?  Oh, the wonder of the off-season.

Overall last night and this season taught me that fans will tolerate not winning the Cup, or having a SSS as long as they have a club they can be proud of.  With all of the SSS drama, lack of Kraft awareness and our perception around MLS circles it was a nice change of pace this year for fans to have something about this organization they could be proud about.

Is it March yet?

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