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Revolution 2-1 Sporting KC: The Controversy of Andy Dorman's Goal

The Revolution's first goal on Saturday night was scored by Andy Dorman in a controversial sequence that smacked of offside. However, upon further review, it looks like the AR made an incredible call on a bang-bang play.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution earned their first playoff victory in a long time on Saturday night over Sporting Kansas City. The scoring started with Andy Dorman's clean-up goal in the 55th minute. It was a goal that the KC players and staff adamantly maintain that the goal was offside.

The play began with a Diego Fagundez shot from an angle on the right that was saved by Jimmy Nielsen. The ball came off the 'keeper and deflected off of Juan Agudelo. From there, the ball dribbled toward the goal line, where Dorman drifted onto it and tucked it away.

Here is a video of the goal for reference:

The question that arises is two-fold: was Juan Agudelo onside when Diego Fagundez had his shot, and was Andy Dorman onside when the ball deflected off of Agudelo after the save?

Peter Vermes and Jimmy Nielsen were both pretty upset that the goal was allowed to stand, and in real-time, it looked as though they may have had a case. Vermes went on to lament his team's luck, and contended that upwards of three players were offside on the shot, let alone the deflection.

Apparently, Vermes hadn't seen the video and photographic evidence.

First of all, Agudelo is clearly onside for Diego's shot. He's behind at least one, if not two or more Kansas City defenders. To contend that an offside call is warranted based on Diego's shot is absolutely ridiculous.

The deflection is less clear, but it would appear the matter has been resolved. The editorial staff released a short piece in-game showing a pretty convincing image of Andy Dorman onside when the ball ricocheted off of Agudelo. According to that red line - and it was a tight call - Dorman was just behind the ball when it came off of Agudelo.

The call, it appears, was correct. The goal stands.

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