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Being Thankful: Jose Goncalves' Top 5 Plays of 2013

As New England celebrates Thanksgiving, we look back at our favorite plays from our beloved captain, Jose Goncalves.

The birth of "JoGo Face."
The birth of "JoGo Face."

It's been a pretty good year New England Revolution fans. Our soccer team made the playoffs for the first time in a few years, there's a lot of good young players on the roster and our captain just got signed to a permanent deal.

All of these things are reasons to be thankful and to celebrate, we going to remember some of our favorite plays and moments from 2013 featuring the future legend himself, Jose Goncalves.

Because who can forget his game-winning goal against the Crew and the birth of "JogoFace" (which is better than Clint Dempsey's United States national team "DueceFace")?

Or pretty much the entire game at Montreal in the dying weeks of the season, beasting Marco Di Vaio off the ball and then icing the game with an 80-yard run to the corner flag? Or Goncalves' ability to shield the ball as it's going out-of-bounds for 45 yards? Or his ability to heal himself, play 85 minutes and dominate like he did in the season ending game vs. the Crew that sealed the Revs spot in the playoffs?

Seriously, there's too many moments to count at this point and these are just some of our favorites. Feel free to leave yours at the bottom in the comments section. Revs fans are immensely thankful that our captain will be back next year and hopefully for many, many more long and successful seasons.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Bent Musket. Vote and discuss the poll question, talk about your plans for the day, spend time with your family and of course, eat turkey for the rest of the week.