Revs Stadium Linked to Olympic Bid?


Bob Kraft wants to be involved in building a Boston stadium venue for the 2024 Olympic Games.

"The proponents say the large stadium could be reduced in size after the event, leaving a roughly 30,000-seat stadium, about the size Kraft has been seeking to build in Boston for the New England Revolution soccer team"

This is a big problem for Revs fans if this is the view the Krafts have on the future of the team. No stadium until an Olympics is roughly 10 years.

This is something that should be addressed at the next supporters meeting.

10 years for a stadium? Not to mention the idea of a Boston Olympics sounds far-fetched. Especially since they will be competing against DC, California, Dallas, and Chicago for the American Bid.

Bids will be submitted in 2015 so we should know then if Boston is the city the US Olympic committee will submit. But if say Boston did get the 2024 Olympics. That means a decade in Gillette.

Again, with another Supporters conference around the corner, it's time to ask questions.


New England Patriots and New England Revolution owner Robert Kraft has also been consulted by the group.

"Just looking at it from our point of view, we're probably going to seriously consider a downtown soccer stadium somewhere in Boston or the Greater Boston area," Kraft told the newspaper. "We would try to help tailor something that could serve the needs of the Olympics and also our soccer team."

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