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Is There Anything Worse Than an MLS Referee? Not According to Twitter

Following a horrendous final 10 (read 17) minutes from Fotis Bazakos and crew, Twitter exploded with a new(ish) hashtag: #BetterThanMLSReferees.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

No, MLS does not have a great deal of television exposure or coverage in traditional sports media. However, last night's New York Red Bulls and New England Revolution match was the featured stream over at the league's website. This, in addition to some downright amateur refereeing, led to the re-hashing of the #BetterThanMLSReferees hashtag.

It started when Roehl Sybing, who incidentally is a Red Bulls not a Revs supporter and incidentally has been on Twitter fire for a month or so, began with a simple Tweet:


From there it ignited. First it was just Revolution supporters. Then Red Bull supporters joined the fray. Suddenly, it was an all-purpose venting session. Take a look to see exactly what people believe is #BetterThanMLSReferees (feel free to add your own in the comments section below)