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World Series 2013 Game Six: Where to Watch the Red Sox Clinch (Hopefully)

Yeah, there's playoff soccer on tonight. But you know what? We're New Englanders. The Red Sox have a chance to clinch their first World Series title at Fenway since 1918. We'll forgive you for paying attention to both...and the Bruins. Here's where to get coverage on the Boston games.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox might win the World Series tonight, in six games over the St. Louis Cardinals, clinching a title at Fenway for the first time in 95 years. Yes, we've won two in the last decade, but that never gets old. More importantly, those were miles and miles away. I was in Boston for the 2007 win, and it was pandemonium. Can you imagine if they get it done right in the city? Lansdowne Street may not survive.

Since we know most of you will be watching - or at least flicking back and forth and paying attention to the score - we're going to once again show you where all the best coverage can be found on the SB Nation network. Begin and end with the full World Series Story Stream at Over the Monster. Some highlights:

World Series 2013: On John Lackey and "Redemption" - Over the Monster
Everyone's claiming John Lackey can redeem himself with a win tonight. They're wrong, but not for the reason you think.

World Series 2013: Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes, David Ross in Game 6 lineup - Over the Monster
The Red Sox are expecting to have Shane Victorino back in their lineup for Game 6, where he will be joined by Jonny Gomes and David Ross.

World Series 2013: Evaluating John Farrell - Over the Monster
John Farrell has gotten a lot of criticism over some of the moves he has made in this postseason. That shouldn't overshadow the amazing job he's done with this team, though.

World Series 2013 Game 6 Match-up David Ortiz vs Michael Wacha - Over the Monster
Big Papi has put fear into the hearts of Cardinals pitching and management a like with his performance in the series and it is that fear that has made him so unstoppable.

The Boston Bruins are also playing the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in a rematch of last season's excellent Eastern Conference Finals. Once again, Stanley Cup of Chowder has your best material, starting with this preview.

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