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Revolution 1-0 Crew 2013: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution turned in a gutsy performance to book their place in the 2013 playoffs. Corey, Abram, and Jake submitted ratings this week.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

DISCLAIMER: Ratings may be inflated, because playoffs.

Matt Reis: Average Rating - 8.67 (Corey 8, Abram 10, Jake 8)

Corey: Huge night for Reis who kept the Crew off the board. Four of the most critical saves of his illustrious career...Abram: Clean sheet, controlled the area, made 4 HUGE saves. Maybe a man of the match performance...Jake: How quickly could the Revs have been behind just a few minutes into the game? Huge save on Oduro early and dominated his area all night.

Kevin Alston: Average Rating - 6.67 (Corey 6.5, Abram 6.5, Jake 7)

Corey: I was worried, but he did quite well, especially vs. Oduro. Same old issues are still there though, most notably his drifting into the center of the pitch too much...Abram: There were some clear signs of rust, but you know whose name I barely heard? Dominic Oduro. Coincidence? I think not...Jake: Actually thought he was really good until forced off by injury. Rarely heard Oduro's name after that first shot, shut down his flank for the most part.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 8.5 (Corey 8.5, Abram 10, Jake 7)

Corey: Playing through a hamstring injury for 85+ minutes? You kidding me? How can I see about this dude adopting me?...Abram: Boss. Champion. Leader. For God's sake, pay the man...Jake: Just a gutty performance by the captain, clearly hampered by the hamstring knock, still managed 13 clearances.

A.J. Soares: Average Rating - 7 (Corey 7, Abram 7, Jake 7)

Corey: Dude was in full-on beast mode. Handled his marks really well all night...Abram: If he had hit his goal early on, he'd have gone way up. One of the best performances I've seen from him...Jake: He's becoming an aerial threat right now, tons of headers all over the place. Really settling in and playing well at the right time.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 7.33 (Corey 7.5, Abram 7, Jake 7.5)

Corey: He may not be able to cross very well, but he can still pick out the #9 from the wing and set up a game-winning goal. This kid has had one hell of a season...Abram: If he played in Seattle, he'd be rookie of the year. Just saying...Jake: You can't teach speed, and the kid has it and was able to shut down several Crew counters using it. Also, had the ridiculous entry pass to Agudelo on the goal.

Andy Dorman: Average Rating - 6.33 (Corey 6.5, Abram 6.5, Jake 6)

Corey: Very well-rounded and cut out passes through the midfield consistently all night. In my opinion, the d-mid spot is his to lose now...Abram: Where has he been all season? Taken all year, but glad he's paying dividends...Jake: He's not the possession orientated guy Scotty is, but he's still able to to do a little bit of everything at the holding mid spot.

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 6.17 (Corey 6.5, Abram 6, Jake 6)

Corey: His mission was clearly to help out more defensively than he is used to, and he did just that. Was more of a midfielder on the night than a forward. May not have made a big splash, but had a great game...Abram: Seemingly invisible in the attack, but huge defensively...Jake: Actually stayed on the left wing and had a really solid two-way game.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 9 (Corey 9, Abram 10, Jake 8)

Corey: It was so crucial to have Lee back for this one and Jay Heaps did a good job with his gameplan in terms of unleashing him in the final third...Abram: His performances this year have been severely why not overrate one...Jake: Just absolutely everywhere, brilliant run in the box to set up the winner.

Kelyn Rowe: Average Rating - 6 (Corey 7, Abram 4, Jake 7)

Corey: Didn't make much noise on the night, but was tough in the middle of the park which was more important than it might seem...Abram: Made some poor choices offensively, and had one of the worst free kicks I've ever seen...Jake: On a day when the Revs weren't stringing passes together, Rowe was one of the more efficient passers on the day.

Juan Agudelo: Average Rating - 8.83 (Corey 8.5, Abram 10, Jake 8)

Corey: So, yeah, bravo to Mike Burns and his FO staff for keeping Agudelo until January. That move has clearly already paid for itself. Going to miss having this dude. Better to have loved and lost, right?...Abram: Maybe it's the playoff high, but he killed it. I wonder if we can get Stoke City to loan him to us when he's not playing for them...Jake: So dangerous all night, he's just on a different level sometimes. Want him back on loan for next season, ASAP.

Dimitry Imbongo: Average Rating - 5.5 (Corey 5.5, Abram 6, Jake 5)

Corey: It wasn't my favorite game of his this season, but he was an efficient part of the overall system. I do prefer him as the target man...Abram: Why was he on the wing? If you're playing him and Juan (the Juan I like), he should be up top...Jake: Not bad on the wing, but he's clearly better holding the ball as the lone striker. He's the best at bringing the ball down out of the area, but looks lost sometimes with his back to goal.

Darrius Barnes (sub): Average Rating - 6.83 (Corey 6.5, Abram 7, Jake 7)

Corey: Had a GIGANTIC order asked of him, coming in relatively cold to help preserve the shut-out. Well done, Darrius...Abram: I mean, come on? Came in cold after not playing for how long?...Jake: Late in the game, take no chances and bomb the ball forward. Good defensive shift to close out the game for a guy who hasn't seen that much playing time this year.

Scott Caldwell (sub): Average Rating - 4 (Corey 5, Abram 3, Jake 4)

Corey: Eh, wasn't great, but wasn't terrible. Didn't seem like he was prepared for the pressure...Abram: Didn't realize he played...Jake: Two fouls conceded including one in a very dangerous area late in the game? That's not going to get you back in the starting lineup.

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