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Revolution 1, Impact 0 - Player Ratings and Man of The Match

Okay, so there's really no question as to who the Man of the Match was. But it was a solid performance all-around for the New England Revolution up in Montreal and Jake, Corey and Brendan Schimmel have their weekly ratings.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Reis: Average Rating - 7.33 (Jake 7, Corey 7.5, Schimmel 7.5)

Jake: Didn't have much shot stopping to do, only one save on the night closing down Marco Di Vaio, but commanded his area very well. Has to be the No. 1 GK spot for the rest of the year and playoffs. Corey: Made the crucial save on Di Vaio's close-range shot and looked very good aerially on Impact corners. Schimmel: Showed up for the big game like you need him to. Bossed the box.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 4.67 (Jake 4, Corey 5, Schimmel 5)

Jake: Awful game defensively, as Goncalves spent a lot of time covering his left flank. Another set piece off the crossbar is encouraging, still needs work on corners. Corey: Would have liked to see that free kick go in. Wasn't his best night, but still a fine outing. Schimmel: Lack of speed was abused outside when he was at left back, looked far better at left mid, great crosses, terrible corners.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 10.33 (Jake 10, Corey 10, Schimmel 11)

Jake: Buy JoGo. JoGo for Defensive POY. JoGo for MVP. Beast. Captain. Leader. Corey: That's right... he was a straight up TEN. Schimmel: That last jetting run with the ball was unreal. Should have gotten fantasy points for that. Guy is a Captain in every way Shalrie wasn't. He wants it as bad as you do and it's noticeable.

A.J. Soares: Average Rating - 6.67 (Jake 7, Corey 7, Schimmel 6)

Jake: Yes, distribution is always an issue but I think that was one of Soares best games of the year. Corey: Was really impressed by his grit and determination. Put it all out there and it showed. Schimmel: Very clean performance by AJ.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 6.17 (Jake 6, Corey 6.5, Schimmel 6)

Jake: Good on defense, supported the attack well going forward, showed no ill affects of last week's game/injury. Corey: Solid defensively but this kid needs to learn how to put in a cross. Schimmel: Speed is invaluable, couple crucial tackles to slow down quick MTL build ups.

Scott Caldwell: Average Rating - 5 (Jake 5, Corey 5, Schimmel 5)

Jake: Safe passing, one mistake that led to an Impact counter. Revs are going to need him to be aggressive next week with Nguyen on suspension. Corey: Didn't fare quite as bad as I thought he would. one sloppy giveaway nearly costed us. Schimmel: Thought he had shaken off the past few performances but towards the end of the game saw some lapses.

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 5.5 (Jake 6, Corey 5.5, Schimmel 5)

Jake: Still needs to stay on one wing and not switch so much, still needs to do more to get the ball like on his assist on JoGo's goal. Corey: One of those quiet nights for boy wonder. Schimmel: Did what was needed, drew attention, stretched the field. Didn't see him flying down the flank as much ball at feet, does have the instincts though to anticipate where to be, ie the cross that set up the goal.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 5.83 (Jake 5, Corey 6, Schimmel 6.5)

Jake: Sloppy first half, earned his persistent infringement yellow and ensuing suspension but was lively in the second. Corey: Lively and kept the ball moving on counter attacks. Picked out good passes all night. Schimmel: Although we lost the possession battle we did good stuff with the quick possession we had. Great in tight spaces 1-2 style.

Kelyn Rowe: Average Rating - 6.17 (Jake 6, Corey 6, Schimmel 6.5)

Jake: Another Rev who needs to work on the corners, but Rowe was nearly flawless with his passing in Montreal. Corey: Lost some of his magic in terms of ripping off long-range shots, but the rest of his game is still there. Schimmel: Refer to Lee Nguyen. Want more shots!

Saer Sene: Average Rating - N/A

Jake: Gutted for him, another offseason rehabbing an injury. Get well soon Saer. Corey: I can't believe he is injured again... this time we actually really need him! Schimmel: See above, really bad moment in a great game.

Juan Agudelo: Average Rating - 4.33 (Jake 4, Corey 4, Schimmel 5)

Jake: Miserable game from him offensively, got nutmegged on Diego's centering pass that JoGo finished. Hold up play was nice, wish he'd gone to left wing after Sene's injury. Corey: Honestly, I wasn't very impressed at all. He looked kind of lazy out there, Jerry-style jogging. Couldn't connect on the end of any of our passes in the final third. Yuck. Dimitry deserves the start next week. Schimmel: Nothing spectacular, almost blew the season by not redirecting a perfect cross in for the goal. Tough CBs to play against.

Dimitry Imbongo: Average Rating - 6 (Jake 5, Corey 6, Schimmel 7)

Jake: Don't like him out on the wing, particularly on the left side (HIT THE CROSS MAN!) but good work rate before he was subbed off for his own injury. Corey: Worked hard and gave us the extra force we needed in the final third with Agudelo looking lifeless. Prefer him as the holding striker, but did alright out wide. Schimmel: Dude possesses the ball and is way more of a catalyst than we give him credit for. So many Jamaican foot rolls.

Kevin Alston: Average Rating - 5.5 (Jake 5, Corey 5, Schimmel 6.5)

Jake: It's good to see KA on the field again and didn't have much to do in his second half shift. Corey: I'll be honest, I was pretty nervous when I saw that he was coming in. Glad it worked out. Schimmel: Wanted him in half for Tierney to give some speed to combat their wingers, Sene situation dictated otherwise. Looked tough on the ball.

Clyde Simms: Average Rating - N/A

Jake: Late cameo spent launching balls over the top. Corey: Too late of a cameo, but hope he is ready for next week. Schimmel: If you don't notice he's out there that means he's doing a great job.

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