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MLS Superdraft 2013: Revolution select Andrew Farrell with number one pick

The New England Revolution made a big move to get the number one pick last night, and they went ahead and did what everyone thought they would do. Andrew Farrell, the consensus-top prospect in the draft, is now a Revolution player.

Jay Heaps looking over his options
Jay Heaps looking over his options
Joe Robbins

When the New England Revolution first traded for the number one pick in today's draft, there was a lot of speculation as to who the Revs might be looking to take. As the hours passed, however, it became increasingly obvious that Andrew Farrell, as the most MLS-ready pick and a versatile defender/midfielder, was going to be the man if the Revs were making a good decision.

And then, Farrell was a Revolution player.

A 20-year old out of Louisville, Farrell spent a lot of time in college as a midfielder, but also played in defense this past season. At 5'11", he may not have the height that people are looking for at the professional level at center-back, but he's also projected to be able to play right-back, and his athleticism could provide the ups needed to overcome any height deficiencies in defense.

Here's a good look at an excellent assist from Farrell to forward Ashton Bennett at the Combine this year: