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MLS SuperDraft 2013: Live blog and discussion

Today is the big day as the New England Revolution and the other 18 teams in Major League Soccer prepare to run the two-round gauntlet that is the MLS SuperDraft. The Revs have he first, twenty-first, twenty-third, and thirty-sixth picks in the draft, and likely will be looking to address needs at forward and all across the back line.

Joe Robbins

The MLS Combine is over. Mock drafts have been held, collegiate soccer players have been scouted and ranked; all leading up to today at noon, when the 2013 MLS SuperDraft begins. After a surprising - blockbuster might be overdoing it, but it was certainly big - trade to move up to the top spot in the draft, the New England Revolution will make the first announcement with their first-ever number one pick.

Speculation has run rampant as to why the Revs engineered the trade. Conventional wisdom dictates that they identified their man, and then realized he'd be gone by pick four, which begs the question: who is that man? Is it Andrew Farrell, the excellent and versatile defensive prospect out of Louisville? Or is it Eriq Zavaleta from Indiana, the man who can play forward and defender with equal ability, and score from either position? Perhaps it is some one else, then.

We'll be live-blogging the draft as it happens, and you can also find the entire event streamed on SB Nation soccer. Join us below as we discuss the Revs' picks, and everyone else's!