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First Half Update: Feilhaber Goes Close in 18th Minute, but Match Still Scoreless

While both teams have traded early jabs, the only real winner thus far seems to be Mother Nature. Pouring rain has soaked the field at BBVA, making just about every task a little more difficult.

New England gave the match it's first real scoring chance in the 18th minute when Benny Feilhaber curled a beautiful free kick up and around the Houston wall, and while Tally Hall saw it late, he managed to pound it away.

The Revs came close again after a long chip found Dimitry Imbongo in the the box, but when his driving effort found a wide open Darrius Barnes in front of net, the defender couldn't handle the pace of the cross and flubbed the shot.

While both sides have created chances it certainly feels like the Revs have had the better of the opportunities in the early going. The weather (as well as the condition of the pitch) will be something to keep an eye on as the match wears on.