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Brian Bilello Currently Available For Questions On Reddit

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Hey everybody, quick announcement here.

Our friend Geoff Gibson from Stumptown Footy is also the founder/creator of MLS's Reddit community. They do a feature called "Ask Me Anything" where they bring on various people connected with MLS for live, open question-and-answer sessions with anyone on the Reddit who has anything to ask.

Today, their Ask Me Anything correspondent is none other than our own team President Brian Bilello. I suggest everyone get over there and start asking some questions. If you need food for thought, the following things have come up recently:

  • There was news about stadium developments at Wonderland in Revere. Apparently the Revs are in the running either with or against a casino, or (as one rep apparently suggested) an outlet shopping center. Ask him about that, and maybe ask him if Bob Kraft is involved in the casino discussions? Rumor has it that he's been a candidate for a casino.
  • Ask about the team being out of the playoffs...again.
  • Ask him about Jay Heaps' performance in his first year.
  • Ask him about recent player acquisitions, both successful and unsuccessful.
  • Ask him about Mexican Heritage night or whatever (the nachos thing.)
  • Ask him, well, anything!