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Musket Rounds: Revolution Bartenders, Lots of USMNT News, MLS on NBC, and More

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Hello and welcome to today's Musket Rounds! It's been a while since I've been able to throw these together. Law school's been rough on my time in the mornings, which is when the Rounds are usually written and published. Nevertheless, in a slow news week for the Revs given the free weekend, I will endeavor to bring you your daily dose of relevant New England Revolution and general soccer news!

Today's lineup is light on Revolution stuff, but very heavy on United States Men's National Team news and views ahead of Tuesday's match against Jamaica.

Revolution Links

Third Annual Revolution Celebrity Bartending Event at GEM Boston - NERevolution Flickr
I'm reaching. There really isn't a lot of Revolution news going on right now. Here's a set of photos from Thursday night's celebrity bartending event at GEM Boston for ThinkTaylor, Taylor Twellman's charity.

Other Soccer Links

Roundup: MLS players find success in WC qualifying |
Nicholas Rosano gives a roundup of how MLS players in World Cup Qualifying (outside of the United States vs. Jamaica debacle) performed for their national teams at the weekend. Many of these players have another match coming up this week, including the Revs' own Jerry Bengtson, who scored Honduras' first goal against Cuba last week.

U.S. national team news & notes - Soccer Insider - The Washington Post
Steven Goff shares some news and notes on the USMNT ahead of Tuesday's return qualifier against Jamaica in Columbus. Apparently Clarence Goodson is suspended and there's some minor injury news, but otherwise not too much is going on.

Through the middle: Looking at what the U.S. midfield produced against Jamaica | ProSoccerTalk
A deeper look at Friday's game hints the United States' passing game played in line with their previous performances. The question is whether, going forward, that's good enough. Richard Farley does some interesting statistical analysis about forward passes, through the middle, from the middle third into the attacking third, and who is delivering them.

Altidore: USMNT has to play "more free-flowing" style |
I think Jozy's right here. When the US is at home against an inferior side, they need to play high-pressure and beat the snot out of the opponents. Exert your authority. Also, at the end of this article, I think it's a striking statistic that Jones, Edu, and Beckerman conceded possession a combined 60 times. These are the guys who are supposed to win and maintain possession, and they are losing it far too often. That's not good.

MLS On NBC: Major League Coverage - The MLS Reserves
Anders Aarhus takes a look at NBC Sports' first season of coverage in MLS, and just how phenomenal a job they've done. Criticize NBC all you want for their Olympics debacle; in terms of MLS television broadcasting and coverage, they hit a towering home run. All that's missing now, if you ask me, is a daily or weekly (probably weekly) recap/highlights show.